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You were not born to follow rules and regulations. Living starts with dreaming. So dream, dream friend, and let dreams show you the path to your bliss.




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Did I always know I was a Dolphin?

I was very philosophical as a child and car rides consisted on asking questions about life. I loved mystery and the feeling of such , i asked things life what if there are other dimensions, life on other planets, what heavean is like, ect.


Memories validated by adults around me, i remeber quite early in my toddler years and i had more of a sense of self i previously thought was possible. Recieving  a vision about the concept of reincarnation at that age while staring a a baby months younger than me, yet i felt they was the baby and me the much older one lolll, it was more like a visual scenerio with emotional realization, picture of a dying person, a male? Or a female with short hair? Falling on the floor. I realised, dying. then a smoky substance, i felt to be soul, going into this female baby body. It was a knowing without words, which sent me to panic when i pondered at what i saw. I said, in form of emotion,  if thats true then, where was i before i was born? Why cant i remeber!!!!? I went in silent panic to my mom.  My mom remebers that day and although i said nothing to her because i was too shocked to speak (weird because i was a real gabby mouth)


the shock of just remebering nothing before being born shocked me, but i kept silent and seemingly, i looked composed, as soo as i was about to ask my mom where i came from which i wasn teven sure how to word, because i didnt mean my body which i felt shed say , i didnt know the word for soul and could not word my feelings, also, the energy and panic was so great i froze thinking of trying to word it. I felt she wont have the awnser….but if she cant tell me , who will?  a presence i felt over me , what i felt was a strong pure univerally present essence said, youre going to have ro figure out for yourself.

But why? Why cant i know now!!??

Youll find out eventually….  

Remeber these werent words, just feeling,  the feeling of findingout eventually….


Well, i guess if ill find out eventually, i guess…. i calmed a bit, i knew it take time for some reason, i just accepted it because there was nothing else i could do. I put it behind me because i i focused too much on it id panic again. Almost like people who are are afraid to die, when they think of death.

Considering all that introsepction, Seeing that I undestood the concept that i came out of my mothers belly and the concept of death that seemed to come all at once in that vision, i swore i must have been at least four years old, had similar thoughts then too, confirmed, but my mom confirmed this case was other wise.

1 and a half years old?

The place i had the vision, my moms friends house, was never visted again, (lost contact) so mixing up was out of the question.


I thought i was maybe remembering accurately but my mom was surprised of the detail i remebered house, thisngs we did while and inbetween my supposed revelations.

accompanying that, i had awareness when somehow along my later todler years i was exposed to a dolphin like figure (a marlin logo, which can be confused to be a dolphin to a kid)

my desire to have a hat with that logo was too intense, though i dont remeber the part of asking so much, i remember always wearing and looking at it admiring the logo intensely.


At four i saw my first dolphin, and i had that omg thats me feeling grew in me, but i couldnt describe it. I was aware and i said it in different ways, without dolphins i wouldnt be myself.


The experience was always in the back of my mind, but didnt think much because the panic would make me uncomfortable.


I was reintroduced to rebirth at 7 by a convesation in the car with my mom mentioning it and it shocked me but then i thought omg what if i was a dolphin yessss, i secretly smiled and kept it to myself haha


Then I googled when flipper died LOL just in case. To see if i got deja vu. At seven i jad reall increased dejavu and i felt maybe it would happen.


It didnt feel a match, but i assumed i may have been a non famous wild dolphin. I felt INTENSE attractions waters of key west though. I woke up every morning hoping for a trip to miami beach at sunrise, or maybe a trip to the keys. I closed my eyes and saw me jumping as a dolphin in a sunset, but  i felt it was symbolic rather than a memory.


I had a lot going on back then, and it was not my time to fully be sure i was right. It happens even to this day, its like having a feeling you are aware of, but is beyond words.


I bet you im just a weird child, and i felt others around me were not much this way. I had a friend similar to me, she was in my  advanced class with me, and we both had conversations about things like the meaning of life, psychic phenomena , different dimensions, and the afterlife, the school system, war and why it still happens, ect.


We were perhaps the only ones freking out when we saw 9/11 happen. I literally was like guys theres people dying on tv why isnt anyone reacting?


Being that aware could be a backlash though, considering i witnessing violence and having an individual moral standing and concern?


im not sure if i ever told them i expected i was a dolphin in a past life. I feel not , i felt that bit of mystery was so precious to me, well, i simply didnt feel the urge to mention it. Every time i thought about it, i was a dolphin before, look im in a human body now, it made me panic a little and feel trapped. So, at least for me, the Feeling of being a dolphin, and the implications of transitioning into a human body was always there, yet focusing on it only magnified it. Which is when, when i was ready, i began to look deeper. I feel realizing too deeply earlier would have triggered my taiji dolphin slaughter memories at a time i was already dealing with violence.


But having a couple of friends that were similarly geeky in elementary was my real support system.


Of course, we were the weird ones.


Point is, i think there are exceptions depending on what child based on inividuality, awareness, concern and sense of self. I am seeing kids these days so much more aware and concerned about world issues,  and themselves, more than adults themselves. I feel we should not underestimate the potential of childrens memories.  i know if my future kid says something in the future, ill sure will be paying attention haha, considering as a child i always struggled with being taken seriously, i felt disrespected and as if nothing i said would be important, people thought i was playing an unaware game instead of truly giving a piece of my mind, pehaps why i never bothered to express my spiritual beliefs and theories with any adults.



Heh, that last part im venting, ugh, no one ever took me seriously. Sigh

Love letter to the ocean

Love letter to the ocean


I love you.

You have always cared for me. Have given me food, shelter, for me friends and family… and when times were tough, when i was miles away from you,  you  were still within me.  I still had access to your tides  that let open to me so that i may fall in. My only escape, my only love, my only hope.


you are why i live, why i survive. I only can live within you. I cannot exist without you and you without me. We are a unit, unable to be separate, your essence seems to flow through me when i speak ; i feel your presence in me when i breathe. My love, my one ocean. This ocean, is me.


My ocean, my ocean of memories, of the sea, my safe haven, unique to myself, my experience, of the strong daring insurmountable sea

Who’s Gunna read this, Anyway?

Yeah, I guess I am I am worth, worth thousands of dollars for the captivity industry. worth fertilizer and dog food by-product for that matter. Yeah, I guess I’m worth something.

Re: Photo Challenge: Shine

Such a beautiful image! Definately caught my eye! Also a reminder to stop and look at the things that catch your eyes,  things youve never known before!

Dolphin is a choice

I have wished that on me to wake up feeling human.


I tried, i really tried. I psychologically manipulated myself to repress all my urges.


But i was miserable


but evertytime i did no matter how hard it was, something somewhere, deep inside me said no, im a dolphin, its how i want it.


A bigger part of me knew i wanted this experience. A bigger deeper part of me wanted to identfy this way, and also to live in a human body stimontaneously. A lesson,  i know, to learn to look past physical to define me.


Thats my experience, its weird, but as i mentioned above i do feel its a choice of something deeper, and sometimes we cannot understand what that deeper part of ourselves wishes, and it can feel like its something outside of our control, with our limited perception.


It still feels:thaz way to me sometimes, in fear i wish to turn off my dolphin button to keep me safe and fit in


But my soul knows better (and honestly, i couldnt be happier about that)


After much meditation i found out why i chose the experience of dolphin. It still something i know now intuitively, but i am only beginning to truly understand it.


now that i see how and why my soul chose dolohin experiences over lifetimes and grew so fond of it, it doesnt feel as if it wasnt my choice. I couldbe chosen any other anymal, moved on to like other incarnations, but i chose, that 🙂


I honor my souls preference, and  i remember that that choice in that higher perspective it pure and loving, not making a choice based of convenience or fear of rejection.


I still have long ways to go before i fully honor my souls choice to identify as dolphin. although its hard to live here with that idenity, i feel now, after repressing to the point of practically entire dysfunction (illness and inability to truly live) its way easier to be a dolphin than  then pretending to be something, that i know deep down inside, isnt what i want to be.


I guess perhaps theres a predisposition in the soul iself to like ceartain choices… but oh well that goes in to loads other things… thats just me 🙂

Ric O Barry: Hero to Dolphins – Another Birthday Drawing


I was so compelled to draw a special picture for Ric O Barry for his Birthday Today!!!  Happy Birthday Ric! Thank you so much for doing what you have done for  us dolphins! Your our hero ! I haven’t felt like drawing in a long time but I felt so compelled to do this,  all my love and gratitude for what you’ve done for us dolphins is just so much that i had just too much to express, and it had to be through drawing ❤


For those of you who dont know my story yet , yes, I do refer myself as a dolphin because this is who i feel i am inside, spiritually. and im an activist because of a past life regression i had being slaughtered in taiji, before i knew a lot about the cause. I only watched the cove after my past life regression, and needless to say I was so blown away by how accurate it was  that i couln’t HELP but FEEL like I was called to  this. RE-born for this. and even if i resisted, it would lead to here anyway.


Even through my Post Traumatic Stress induced by slaughter; and the seemingly insurmountable grief, sorrow and guilt (3x worse than any human experience i had, i dont know how i know but, these emotions seem to be like 3x more intense than human emotion ) also from the loss of my life and pod ….. i always try my best…. to balance rest and activism… and i do what i know how to do, draw to raise awareness.


Being so engrossed in my Anime prjoect for taiji, I can barely call this drawing a diversion from it because its so related! I learned alot trying to turn a real picture into  manga, so it was a rewarding experience for me!


Again Happy Birthday Ric!!! Hope you really enjoy it ! hero of dolphins!  its even a BLUE COVE DAY! No dolphins killed or capture today in Taiji!


a simple experience.


what happens in here, stays in here.

some how, it is to precious to waste, on words

ruining the experience

you need to learn

that it is also

a simple experience

that can have

and everlasting


{The Way I Love You [/Me]}

I Love you Very Much. You’re Special. You make me smile. You’re Me.



My Dolphin Energy Healing Conference with Dolphin healer, Linda Shay!

Link to Recorded Conference!


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