The Slippery Blue Bubble

My adventures as an Empath have begun!!!! well actually they kinda started a long time ago pero*……..  I FINALLY got a mentor to teach me to have control of my abilities, and I KNOW there are a LOT of people out there who are struggling like I am, (or was :D) and they would pay anything to get the instruction I’m getting, but guess what, I’m posting what i’m learning, FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!

So heres how it works:

Imagine an striped colerful translucent egg covering you layer by layer, stripe by stripe ,  with these colors in THIS EXACT ORDER, FROM BOTTOM TO TOP:


The way I like to remember the order is with this saying: We Eat At Chicken Grill, the first letter of each word stands for each color 😀

Then after you have your yummy egg,  a blue light will start growing from you heart, growing and growing until you have another blue layer covering you over the egg. Then imagine oil on the blue layer so others energy can slip off, or if it gets too bad, put mirrors on it to reflect others energy off. It works like a charm!!! really!!!!!!!!! I hope it works well for everyone, the people I’ve said it to so far say it works and they feel covered, which is great, I really hope that this helps you too, trust me , I know how it feels!!!!!