“its time”

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


The Little Dusky Dolphin

Once upon a time…..

there was a little dolphin.

and this little dolphin got hurt.

really badly.

these fishermen came and took her away.

dragged her,

beat her,

until she was motionless.



deeply in her soul

carrying it along,

long after she passed.

she didnt want to remember,

but one day she did,

and she had to let it go.Image


My pain is someone’s hope – My Twin Flame Story


I dont know what else to call this. Ive been sick for a year and all I’m finding out with it is more and more about myself. its changed my life in a way that nothing else could, at least not in school.  I have been hoarse, and mostly mute from  November 2012  until this year, recovering from acid reflux. 


 Ever since I stated with my mentor….

I never really believed in Twin Flames. I was like, “Really? God splitting me in half to make a double of me doesn’t sound too good. i guess I’m not going to believe this.”

but then i thought ” but I kinda feel…. well….. you know what? it is what it is whether i believe it or not so i’m just going to be open about this, if its true great if not ok too. sooner or later if im meant to know for sure ill know.”

i was reading about it when i was in eighth and being open about it i decided to do a meditation on it, with a candle. it was a special meditation i read some where where you look at the flame (haha i know) and ask who your twin flame is, (to show an image in your head, a name , gender or whatever) they suggested asking whenther your twin was a boy or a girl,  even though i read that i assumed that it was always opposite sex, which i came to find out isn’t always so.  i began to ask i began to feel afraid that if i would do this ill get the right information i hesitated. Y-you know what? I don’t wanna know. How about I just ask….. where you are?…..ugh, this is pointless its not like im going to get anything, hurry up I wanna go talk to my Best friend already—



“I’m closer than you think.”


“what? that’s vague. is that it? thats all you’re going to tell me?” I could say I was making that up but it burst out too suddenly and with a good feeling in the gut.

well it means that twin flames are real then….

well, I wouldn’t want to met anyone like me cause, well then wouldn’t you have nothing to talk about? wouldn’t you fight if you were too alike ?  what if there was only one vanilla ice cream cone and both of you wanted it?


well i guess i started digressing after that, and got out of the bathroom (where i was doing my meditation, hidden away from everyone who didn’t know i was into this) and went to talk to one of my best friends on the phone.

No worries, She’s important in the story 😛


Journal # 444 : lucky stars

a lot has happened since I met Jeannine,  let alone since I got sick. So many blessings, I cant count them all! ! She is truly a great person, so blessed. I really reccomend you check out her blog:
Anyway,  Im so grateful for seeing  Julie today. I havent seen her since the time I visited school last March,  and I wanted to tell her my twin soul story. Her best friend joined her a little later, and I hesitated to continue telling my story at first but then I felt she was open to it. actually.. she got really intrested and said she had similar feelings,  but she didnt feel they were as deep as mine.
         I felt so relieved and 10 times lighter when I tell people my twin flame story,  and even people who dont initially think about these things listen to me openly,  and to much of my surprise,  a deep intrest.
“I don’t know…. ” my friend Gaby said,
“I wouldnt believe anyone else, even if I knew them….but when it comes from you… I believe you.”
I’m not trying to get anyone to believe.  I’m just telling you what I went through honestly and openly. To me,  it was an eye opening experience. its not like I totally believed it at first, sadly,  cause it caused a lot of turmoil, but now all I know is that I do believe,  and in accepting this,  I found peace,  which was really all I was praying for from the beginning.