Journal # 444 : lucky stars

a lot has happened since I met Jeannine,  let alone since I got sick. So many blessings, I cant count them all! ! She is truly a great person, so blessed. I really reccomend you check out her blog: 
Anyway,  Im so grateful for seeing  Julie today. I havent seen her since the time I visited school last March,  and I wanted to tell her my twin soul story. Her best friend joined her a little later, and I hesitated to continue telling my story at first but then I felt she was open to it. actually.. she got really intrested and said she had similar feelings,  but she didnt feel they were as deep as mine.
         I felt so relieved and 10 times lighter when I tell people my twin flame story,  and even people who dont initially think about these things listen to me openly,  and to much of my surprise,  a deep intrest.
“I don’t know…. ” my friend Gaby said,
“I wouldnt believe anyone else, even if I knew them….but when it comes from you… I believe you.”
I’m not trying to get anyone to believe.  I’m just telling you what I went through honestly and openly. To me,  it was an eye opening experience. its not like I totally believed it at first, sadly,  cause it caused a lot of turmoil, but now all I know is that I do believe,  and in accepting this,  I found peace,  which was really all I was praying for from the beginning.



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