The game of life

I just finished listening to Heather Noel ‘s audio recording called “The Game of Life”
It talked about the idea about life being like a virtual reality game where you are who you want to be,  where your choices determine your path. And if you fear,  you attract more fear and if you love,  you get more love. Jaja heyy Omg Katy Perry ‘ s song wide awake is playing as I’m writing, way to set the mood!!! :p )

If life is a dream, and when you are born you fall asleep and when you die you wake up and realize that love is the only reality,  that means all  the people who hurt you were just learning how to love,  but at the same time teaching you how to love by tolerating them and loving youself.  And that the only reason they act that way is because they are looking for love.  Isnt it funny when a person is mean to someone who is loving and caring? They are learning how to love,  they’ll realize that they shouldn’t have been mean to them hopefully, but at the same time, teaching the person they are being mean to understand and not let their unkind words hurt them. So we are teaching by the very lessons we learn! Yay!
If life is just a game,  I thought, then whats the point? everything is only a dream! A game! But then I ask myself,  well whats the point of playing video games? Aren’t they all fake anyway? All just imagination? Itsn’t that sad? But When I was playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl at my friend Jasmine’s house,  was I sad because I was playing this imaginary game? No! I was having so much fun laughing and talking about the game with my friends,  laughing when someone fell off the stage or hit someone in a funny way. So if I think of life like that too, it will be much easier to pick myself up when I fall.  If life is just a game, then it shouldn’t be a sad game,  because then it wouldn’t be a game at all!  Its a real/fake game,  another yes but no!! XD so everyone out there who is sad, maybe thinking of life like this can help you 🙂 there was a quote I read posted on a retauraunt’s oven saying:

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.”



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