Eye opener

I don’t know for sure how long it’s been since Iv’e been having these visions… maybe since  November or Decembe

I  had a dream tha my mentor came  to me  while I s seeing pictures of dolphins. she brings me to th center of the kitchen and says “theres something that needs to be healed” she covered me in  smoke coming from a sage plant, while I lay on a random couch that came about of nowhere ( you know how dreams are) then I felt like falling and the dream changed. I was a dolphin being slaughtered, with cries coming from afar, banging and sharp clapping noises, and serious confusion. I was dragged, and stabbed.

I woke up crying in terror, and confusion, with a sharp pain where the spear had hit me, the base of my spine. Iv’e felt pain in dreams before but I never continiued to feel it after I woke up. I thought at first it was discomfort from the way I slept  (almost sitting cause of my reflux condition) but I just got a memory foam and I actually was sleeping better with it. and this pain was unlike anything iv’e ever had, it scared me, it drained away my power and made me feel worthless and helpless I was too scared to think about it, so I ignored it for a while, until I was brave enough to ask my mentor what it could be. I already had a gut feeling it could be a past life vision, and my mentor said the same. could it be? I asked  I haven’t watched any dolphin slaughter videos and had yetto watch The Cove, the documentary abut the dolphin slaughters in Taiji, Japan, which I was aware of , but hadn’t really thought about in very long time. There was really no reason why I would have such a dream. The dream was set up  clearly to deny that t was a memory. What now? I asked myself. I prayed      God for. healing. I knew it would take time. I spent the very same day crying my eyes out in the bathroom, seeing, feeling so deeply, falling on the floor in the same terror an internal pain. Its hard to describe in words what happened,  there are no words to describe it.  But in feeling this I feel more compelled that ever before to stop what is happening to the dolphins, us.