a dolphin soul’s story

I am from the sea,

from the ripping tides,

the rolling water,

the sea,

where I began.

image source: google

image source: google


Dolphins And sensitvity – the process of the dolphin drives

“There are currently twelve small dolphin hunting boats operating in Taiji, and each of these boats depart Taiji harbor at first light in search of wild dolphins. The boats fan out upon and beyond the horizon to cover a larger expanse of ocean, in order to effectively search well-known migratory routes.

Upon locating a pod, the dolphin hunters radio each of the other boats, giving them their location in order to start the ‘drive’ of the pod into the killing cove.

The boat that initially discovered the dolphins remains with the pod until other boats arrive. Once there are five or more boats on the scene, the hunters will initiate the drive.

The boats form a v-shaped wall around the family of dolphins. The dolphin hunters then utilize the long metal pole attached to the side of each boat, hammering the flanges on top to create a deafening “wall” of sound. The banging sound terrifies the dolphins, causing them to swim away from the sound, in the direction of the driving boats – driving them straight toward the Cove.” -SeaSheapard.cm

Honestly I never researched how the dolphins were killed I Taiji, all I had were my visions an dreams. as I healed and can talk about it and look at the pictures without having a panic attack, I’m searching how they do it and it and it matches my visions.

I remember hearing these banging metal sounds that just scare you to death and confuse you and send you running ( in this case swimming, after a while you’re trying to know which way is forward, kind of like when you are really drunk and trying to walk in a straight line, wile hearing ear piercing soul startling sounds, which are like some magical force field keeping you away from the direction you were heading. What the eff is this??? your thinking to yourself. what’s going on???!!!! Family!!!! your trying to stick together but your head is just hurting like hell now, your nauseous, the back of your eyes hurt.

your getting closer to shore , so disoriented … that’s not where you want to go , but you’re so scared and confused. this is where they tie the net and you’re there for the night. Taiji fishermen believed that leaving the meat there would make them taste better. They don’t do this anymore unless weather gets bad. and all night your pacing and you can’t find a way out. screaming, calling for help. Save me Save me!!!

I’m trembling as I type, Just getting the fear out of my system

The next day doesn’t get much better. The metal banging was nothing close to hearing my loved ones being killed. As I know one of the pod members that  dies with me I know today too. everything is just two times more intense, if not more, like 100, than the sensations humans feel. I just found out science proves that too, dolphins sense of touch is way more sensitive than humans.

seeing people faces and water splashing, dragged to shore. tail tied to a rope,…just dragged like nothing. I felt so much shame, worthleness. I was still tail lashing and fighting. fighting until they could aim at me.. then…

Bam,  right in the spine. the base of it, where I’d wake from my dream and feel the actual pain. Frozen, and everything gets hazy from there.

When the Academy Award-winning movie “The Cove” was filmed, the dolphins were killed by spear thrusts. This resulted in a massive amount of blood spilling into the water, turning the cove from a peaceful blue to blood red.

” the hunters use a killing technique known as “pithing.”


A metal rod is hammered into the spinal cord of the dolphins, causing paralysis.

The dolphins are still conscious, breathing and struggling as they watch their families slowly die. In the case of larger pods, a blood-filled cove is still seen and documented by the Cove Guardians.

The Journey overcoming the slaughter – a dolphin soul’s remarks

dolphingirl (2)

I remember

lying in my bed at night,

the darkness surrounding me

nothing in sight

The ocean rattling,

a giant quake,

a shiver down my spine.

is this the end?

it is.

Here we go,

the cries rage and increase,

I cant concentrate amoung the cries the members of my pod.

Im looking around for my best friend,

Their screams torture my ears and soul to see them die.

Now I remember,

Now I heal.

*The Japanese characters say “Reincarnation”



Shame, Guilt and more..

So lately ‘ve been ashamed, of things I feel of think… so then I ask myself…. and I say,

” Little do you know the real version of you, the fun you’ll have and the great friendships you’ll make. the real version of you does not feel shame at all, the only reason you feel shame is because you are caring what others think. don’t care what others think, don’t let that rule your life. you only have so much time. make the best of it and just go with the flow. think positive and everything will turn out alright maybe all you need is some fun :D”

I looked at a dolphin skeleton today and it really stood out to me. Sometimes I feel I’m pushing myself too hard or I’m afraid that I don’t know when to stop. Iv’e made mistakes before and they actually led me to good places… even my illness really got the best of me. I feel an end is near, but a good end, an end but a beginning, its been so fun  as of late and I’m so happy that I can be where I am today 😀

When all else fails — LAUGH IT OFF

Actually that’s the first thing to do !!! Oh well now I remember ;P simply put– always laugh it off!!!!

after all the slaughter visions and dreams (see my last post :D) I found that it was going on for too long and I didn’t now what else to do. My friend Jessica showed me the video After ever after 2 and I thought it was so funny even if it was about disasters!! I remembered I watched the first one with her too which featured Ariel….Then it gave me an idea!!!! I’m going to laugh my pain away!!!

Sing this to the tune of Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid:

Japan is a really really
beautiful place to be
unless if you are a dolphin
screwed if you live in Taiji
That’s where they stab and slay us
for our mercury filled meat
The Japanese are hungry
And we’re what they want to eat!

Here in Taiji, Here in Taiji,
thousands are killed here
blood really spills here
take it from me
they drag you inshore onto the sand,
or stab you clean with just one hand
trapped in a net here
dragged to our death here
Here in Taiji

(bum bum ba dum bum bum bum ;P)

The sea here is always redder
starting September first
if your hear the metal banging
just prepare for the worst!
sometimes they isolate you
to put you inside a tank
But if they don’t think you’re pretty
be ready for a spank!

Here in taiji, Here in taiji,
we have no rights here
we have to fight here
Take it from me
out in the sun they slay away
here they eat you every way
each little fin here
aint safe at all here
blood here is spilling
please stop the killing
they come with spears here
swim for your life here!
Here in Taiji

here’s the guy that inspired me: