When all else fails — LAUGH IT OFF

Actually that’s the first thing to do !!! Oh well now I remember ;P simply put– always laugh it off!!!!

after all the slaughter visions and dreams (see my last post :D) I found that it was going on for too long and I didn’t now what else to do. My friend Jessica showed me the video After ever after 2 and I thought it was so funny even if it was about disasters!! I remembered I watched the first one with her too which featured Ariel….Then it gave me an idea!!!! I’m going to laugh my pain away!!!

Sing this to the tune of Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid:

Japan is a really really
beautiful place to be
unless if you are a dolphin
screwed if you live in Taiji
That’s where they stab and slay us
for our mercury filled meat
The Japanese are hungry
And we’re what they want to eat!

Here in Taiji, Here in Taiji,
thousands are killed here
blood really spills here
take it from me
they drag you inshore onto the sand,
or stab you clean with just one hand
trapped in a net here
dragged to our death here
Here in Taiji

(bum bum ba dum bum bum bum ;P)

The sea here is always redder
starting September first
if your hear the metal banging
just prepare for the worst!
sometimes they isolate you
to put you inside a tank
But if they don’t think you’re pretty
be ready for a spank!

Here in taiji, Here in taiji,
we have no rights here
we have to fight here
Take it from me
out in the sun they slay away
here they eat you every way
each little fin here
aint safe at all here
blood here is spilling
please stop the killing
they come with spears here
swim for your life here!
Here in Taiji

here’s the guy that inspired me:


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