Shame, Guilt and more..

So lately ‘ve been ashamed, of things I feel of think… so then I ask myself…. and I say,

” Little do you know the real version of you, the fun you’ll have and the great friendships you’ll make. the real version of you does not feel shame at all, the only reason you feel shame is because you are caring what others think. don’t care what others think, don’t let that rule your life. you only have so much time. make the best of it and just go with the flow. think positive and everything will turn out alright maybe all you need is some fun :D”

I looked at a dolphin skeleton today and it really stood out to me. Sometimes I feel I’m pushing myself too hard or I’m afraid that I don’t know when to stop. Iv’e made mistakes before and they actually led me to good places… even my illness really got the best of me. I feel an end is near, but a good end, an end but a beginning, its been so fun  as of late and I’m so happy that I can be where I am today 😀


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