Exercise gets the kundalini flowing :P

So I’ve been fighting a good long fight to be myself, and not care what anyone else thinks. The past few days I have had a huge anxiety build up, not knowing where it came from, I stopped and quieted my mind for an awnser. I came to the conclusion that I was trying too hard, being too hard on myself. I got a card from an online angel card site that was exactly what I needed to be reminded of again. Self talk. I’ts easy to forget you are your best friend, even when really, you are your best friend. So I talked to myself, using my best friends name 😀 it always works to get me back to be soft and forgiving again.

I just came back from a short run with my brother, I noticed the energy just flows when I run and I feel myself!! free!! I have noticed this many times, but I never end up running so much. I figured if I write I’ll remember, and be willing to do it more often, even just a short run helps, in fact, those are h best. Also the stretch exercises that My physical therapist recommended me are helping as well. my knew grew crooked from all that time sleeping in the recliner cause of my reflux :O

I also Just finished my painting that is being donated to the light up the night for Lolita event  in 2 weeks. So  much stuff happening! and im dropping it off to the event planner in another event that I wanted to go to but didn’t ant to bother my mom about, being in the middle of the week and such. yay i really wanted to go. that proves if  its mean to be, it will be,that is if you choose. xP I could’ve still chose to send it by mail. but… 😀

January is so awesome 😀


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