Lately I’ve noticed i’ve been half-assing this whole dolphin captivity /slaughter business. Yes, i know I’ve had a past life being there experiencing what we are trying to stop, yet, I still seem to be half-assing it. if I don’t beleive in the message I am trying to send, then who will? who will believe I am a dolphin soul in a human body if not even I can? when i say “we the dolphins” my voice shakes a little. Will people think I’m crazy? by this time it is more painful to keep it in than to be called crazy. I knew when I signed up for this it would happen. People with new ideas, WILL be called crazy. its inevitable. With anyone and anything, here will always be haters and non believers. So with that being said…. SCREW EVERYTHING!! im making my life happen. I’m sick and tired of trying to bite my tounge and hold my breath, scared to rock the boat and make a mess… and yes, that was a Katy Perry reference 😛
YOURE GOING TO HEAR ME ROAR !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 well in this case… squeak and whistle 😀


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