Do I deserve freedom? (UPDATED!!)

The sad sun rose

and I woke once more

Here I am again,

feeling so poor.

The devastation of being away from my family

I can’t take anymore.

What could be,

washed away with ties long past.

Sometimes I wish that this life would go fast,

So that I can be with my family again

and live once more

to make done, what wasn’t done before.

But sometimes,

I wish time would go slow.

I am grateful for all the things I know.

Sometimes I realize how fun it can be

but not as fun

as the ripping rolling tides of the sea.

The rising falling tides,

An endless blue

The sky kissing the sea,

It was all I knew,

all that enveloped me,

in a pocket of peace

in a womb of comfort

Could it really get any better?

But then I see them

Surrounded by glass walls

They do not see

what I see at all.

All that I ever saw

all that I ever wanted to be

was the roaring expanse of Mother Sea

They do not know this

They have forgot

Brainwashed in this filthy melting pot.

Made of dolphins from all parts of the world

expressing one desprate cry of woe

Althought I am now in human form

at times feeling confined and feeling torn

Torn away from my lack of fins

Yet here are some dolphins

who can’t properly use them.

perhaps, when they look at me they feel env.y

Envy all who can get in a tank and got out the same way.

I have the hands they don’t have,

The feet they lack,

That they only wish to have

if it could bring their freedom back.

The humans do not see who’s in this body

to them I look human, as human as anybody.

They look into my eyes but they don’t see

a dolphin in costume

desprately trying to be free.

heres a dolphin looking at a dolphin.

the only difference between the two?

one is treated like a lower animal

the other is treated humanely

but only because one looks like you.

yet, both are trapped,

in a staggering, winding maze,

of wounds long past.

Humane. who made that word anyway?

it causes an illusion.

it could make you think that

humans are the only ones, that are human.

so no one else cries or feels anger and grief?

they do but only because its instinct?

Therefore it is not real ,not something of a soul,

just a shallow reaction, but how do they know?

only because, they have no hands and feet?

What matters in this world?

is it just our body?

Humans say “Its what inside that counts”

Well inside is a dolphin , yearning to be heard,

Crying out.

I may have hands and feet just like all of you,

But inside is a dolphin, desprately trying to break through.

You did not listen to me when I had fins.

Do I only deserve freedom if I have hands?

If I lay here, dying, They will try to save me.

Put it on the news

try to do something.

If I was kidnapped,

Someone would be bound to save me

There would be no argument,

whether I should stay captive

or roam free.

Yet I’m still that dolphin,

tied by fear,

Memories of losing my pod I held so dear.

When I have hands and feet you treat me well

But when I had fins you put me through hell.

what does it matter? here or there?

not sure if you caught on,

but that’s not fair.

scarred , terribly scarred, by what happened there.

Yet some times I see it, sometimes I do,

My strong spirit, that always pushes me though.

I’m still that ocean Soul,

Jumping high and swimming long

breathing in the in the tides as I walk,

singing my dolphin song.

What does it matter?

Fins or feet?

cause in the end we are all light

and deserve to be free.

if feeling is what matters, dolphins can feel times three.

Isn’t that enough to say we can suffer, and that we should be free?


March 9, 2015

duskypaintingpicThis reminds me so much of…now I can look back at it without feeling so afraid, the memories of my death are no longer blocking the other ones  the good memories are flooding in… finally, perseverance is paying off ts so important to look at dolphins this way, as non human people. I thank God for my past life experience, I have made it into something beautiful, I’ve become I’m the walking example of what everyone should see dolphins as, so its not so bad .. orr…I realized that I always was. The storm is fading …. I am finally coming to peace with my true spirit form and feelings . I realized nothing can stop me or separate my connection, even the taiji memories!! !! still more to heal but it never hurts as much as the last time i remember…. to all wounded souls…dont stop believing!!!  DONT FORGET!!! look up the tweet storm for the japan dolphins , starts MARCH 28!!! for the souls like me for every one that has dies there… one tweet can chage so much, just one …..

You know who your true friends are when….

 My twin soul Jessica… This girl is just amazing … I call her in the morning, and instead of sleeping for 10 more minutes like she planned she listened to me cry….Be grateful for these kinds of people cause you don’t meet them everyday…. She gave me advice of my still ongoing battle with my memories of being in Taiji.

“Try to go back to that time and hug yourself to bring you to calming down… You are still living with that regret and that anger… that you could do nothing to save the ones around you, that you were doomed….. It’s not only about letting go, but accepting that you remember and make it work for you, knowing if you can’t accept and move on, you can’t do what you came here to do in the first place. Its’ about coming to terms with it and realizing what you’ve come here to do, cause I think you’ve planned this, coming here as a human to talk about what happened to you…maybe you planned this even before you were a dolphin {in Taiji}. Make peace with it so that you can paint and speak and tell your story…. It’s going to be hard I know… but try to pull it though today, OK?”

and she left me with that. For sure ill pull through, with a friend like that

She supports me wholeheartedly and I’m so thankful to have such an amazing friend.TheFalls2011

oh yea… I’m in the back xP

Joy and Freedom

I woke up feeling tied up today, frustrated after spending time my twin flame yesterday. looking at her is like a mirror and it makes a good check up, it always exposes buried feelings. I noticed I still feel tied up… I ususally run away from this feeling this but I decided to take it in, let myself feel it, and learn. I know this is how the dolphins and whales in confinement feel. so…
In behalf of the Dolphins and Whales,
So today we will be focusing on Joy and Freedom. as you all know humans have a hard time finding playtime in their busy lives, even us dolphins who have come to join you in human life get caught up in the business. For us its so important to play, yet when we don’t do it enough we get fizzed out so much easier. Its not in our nature to be so long in work, and neither it is yours. Although you may sustain it longer it still takes a toll on you. find the time to cultivate your inner child and not care about anything, even for just five minutes. don’t care about the things you have to do… just for five minutes. See how much better you feel. I know that even in our hardest times, its so much harder to have a playful attitude. But take the challenge, surround yourself with other happy positive people, and you’ll soon see you’ll get the hang of it, and may more easily move in the attitude of playfulness, even while working! Life becomes a game, and when you see everything as a game it gets easier to handle. People have a misconception that were always smiling and happy. that isn’t true, we can be sad and even go through long phases of depression. we are very empathic feel much deeper than you, and that can be a double edged sword.
We are the symbols of freedom, and it’s ironic that we are being kept in tanks no? we aren’t as happy we still wish to be, yet some of us decide to make the best out of it, remember this is a lesson for us, to learn how to feel free even in walls of confinement. We want you to know that we do feel deeply and are very empathic. we feel eachother’s thoughts and emotions, including yours, as empathy crosses species borderlines. Mastering positivity and Playfullness doesn’t mean youll always be happy, it just means you’ll get the good out of every bad situation you have.

That is all for now 😀
The Dolphins and Whales