Joy and Freedom

I woke up feeling tied up today, frustrated after spending time my twin flame yesterday. looking at her is like a mirror and it makes a good check up, it always exposes buried feelings. I noticed I still feel tied up… I ususally run away from this feeling this but I decided to take it in, let myself feel it, and learn. I know this is how the dolphins and whales in confinement feel. so…
In behalf of the Dolphins and Whales,
So today we will be focusing on Joy and Freedom. as you all know humans have a hard time finding playtime in their busy lives, even us dolphins who have come to join you in human life get caught up in the business. For us its so important to play, yet when we don’t do it enough we get fizzed out so much easier. Its not in our nature to be so long in work, and neither it is yours. Although you may sustain it longer it still takes a toll on you. find the time to cultivate your inner child and not care about anything, even for just five minutes. don’t care about the things you have to do… just for five minutes. See how much better you feel. I know that even in our hardest times, its so much harder to have a playful attitude. But take the challenge, surround yourself with other happy positive people, and you’ll soon see you’ll get the hang of it, and may more easily move in the attitude of playfulness, even while working! Life becomes a game, and when you see everything as a game it gets easier to handle. People have a misconception that were always smiling and happy. that isn’t true, we can be sad and even go through long phases of depression. we are very empathic feel much deeper than you, and that can be a double edged sword.
We are the symbols of freedom, and it’s ironic that we are being kept in tanks no? we aren’t as happy we still wish to be, yet some of us decide to make the best out of it, remember this is a lesson for us, to learn how to feel free even in walls of confinement. We want you to know that we do feel deeply and are very empathic. we feel eachother’s thoughts and emotions, including yours, as empathy crosses species borderlines. Mastering positivity and Playfullness doesn’t mean youll always be happy, it just means you’ll get the good out of every bad situation you have.

That is all for now šŸ˜€
The Dolphins and Whales



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