March 9, 2015

duskypaintingpicThis reminds me so much of…now I can look back at it without feeling so afraid, the memories of my death are no longer blocking the other ones  the good memories are flooding in… finally, perseverance is paying off ts so important to look at dolphins this way, as non human people. I thank God for my past life experience, I have made it into something beautiful, I’ve become I’m the walking example of what everyone should see dolphins as, so its not so bad .. orr…I realized that I always was. The storm is fading …. I am finally coming to peace with my true spirit form and feelings . I realized nothing can stop me or separate my connection, even the taiji memories!! !! still more to heal but it never hurts as much as the last time i remember…. to all wounded souls…dont stop believing!!!  DONT FORGET!!! look up the tweet storm for the japan dolphins , starts MARCH 28!!! for the souls like me for every one that has dies there… one tweet can chage so much, just one …..


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