You know who your true friends are when….

 My twin soul Jessica… This girl is just amazing … I call her in the morning, and instead of sleeping for 10 more minutes like she planned she listened to me cry….Be grateful for these kinds of people cause you don’t meet them everyday…. She gave me advice of my still ongoing battle with my memories of being in Taiji.

“Try to go back to that time and hug yourself to bring you to calming down… You are still living with that regret and that anger… that you could do nothing to save the ones around you, that you were doomed….. It’s not only about letting go, but accepting that you remember and make it work for you, knowing if you can’t accept and move on, you can’t do what you came here to do in the first place. Its’ about coming to terms with it and realizing what you’ve come here to do, cause I think you’ve planned this, coming here as a human to talk about what happened to you…maybe you planned this even before you were a dolphin {in Taiji}. Make peace with it so that you can paint and speak and tell your story…. It’s going to be hard I know… but try to pull it though today, OK?”

and she left me with that. For sure ill pull through, with a friend like that

She supports me wholeheartedly and I’m so thankful to have such an amazing friend.TheFalls2011

oh yea… I’m in the back xP


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