Do I deserve freedom? (UPDATED!!)

The sad sun rose

and I woke once more

Here I am again,

feeling so poor.

The devastation of being away from my family

I can’t take anymore.

What could be,

washed away with ties long past.

Sometimes I wish that this life would go fast,

So that I can be with my family again

and live once more

to make done, what wasn’t done before.

But sometimes,

I wish time would go slow.

I am grateful for all the things I know.

Sometimes I realize how fun it can be

but not as fun

as the ripping rolling tides of the sea.

The rising falling tides,

An endless blue

The sky kissing the sea,

It was all I knew,

all that enveloped me,

in a pocket of peace

in a womb of comfort

Could it really get any better?

But then I see them

Surrounded by glass walls

They do not see

what I see at all.

All that I ever saw

all that I ever wanted to be

was the roaring expanse of Mother Sea

They do not know this

They have forgot

Brainwashed in this filthy melting pot.

Made of dolphins from all parts of the world

expressing one desprate cry of woe

Althought I am now in human form

at times feeling confined and feeling torn

Torn away from my lack of fins

Yet here are some dolphins

who can’t properly use them.

perhaps, when they look at me they feel env.y

Envy all who can get in a tank and got out the same way.

I have the hands they don’t have,

The feet they lack,

That they only wish to have

if it could bring their freedom back.

The humans do not see who’s in this body

to them I look human, as human as anybody.

They look into my eyes but they don’t see

a dolphin in costume

desprately trying to be free.

heres a dolphin looking at a dolphin.

the only difference between the two?

one is treated like a lower animal

the other is treated humanely

but only because one looks like you.

yet, both are trapped,

in a staggering, winding maze,

of wounds long past.

Humane. who made that word anyway?

it causes an illusion.

it could make you think that

humans are the only ones, that are human.

so no one else cries or feels anger and grief?

they do but only because its instinct?

Therefore it is not real ,not something of a soul,

just a shallow reaction, but how do they know?

only because, they have no hands and feet?

What matters in this world?

is it just our body?

Humans say “Its what inside that counts”

Well inside is a dolphin , yearning to be heard,

Crying out.

I may have hands and feet just like all of you,

But inside is a dolphin, desprately trying to break through.

You did not listen to me when I had fins.

Do I only deserve freedom if I have hands?

If I lay here, dying, They will try to save me.

Put it on the news

try to do something.

If I was kidnapped,

Someone would be bound to save me

There would be no argument,

whether I should stay captive

or roam free.

Yet I’m still that dolphin,

tied by fear,

Memories of losing my pod I held so dear.

When I have hands and feet you treat me well

But when I had fins you put me through hell.

what does it matter? here or there?

not sure if you caught on,

but that’s not fair.

scarred , terribly scarred, by what happened there.

Yet some times I see it, sometimes I do,

My strong spirit, that always pushes me though.

I’m still that ocean Soul,

Jumping high and swimming long

breathing in the in the tides as I walk,

singing my dolphin song.

What does it matter?

Fins or feet?

cause in the end we are all light

and deserve to be free.

if feeling is what matters, dolphins can feel times three.

Isn’t that enough to say we can suffer, and that we should be free?


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