Do I deserve freedom? (UPDATED!!)

New updated post!!!


The sad sun rose

and I woke once more

Here I am again,

feeling so poor.

The devastation of being away from my family

I can’t take anymore.

What could be,

washed away with ties long past.

Sometimes I wish that this life would go fast,

So that I can be with my family again

and live once more

to make done, what wasn’t done before.

But sometimes,

I wish time would go slow.

I am grateful for all the things I know.

Sometimes I realize how fun it can be

but not as fun

as the ripping rolling tides of the sea.

The rising falling tides,

An endless blue

The sky kissing the sea,

It was all I knew,

all that enveloped me,

in a pocket of peace

in a womb of comfort

Could it really get any better?

But then I see them

Surrounded by glass walls


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