AURAS — how to use the knowledge of your feelings to your advantage


AURAS–   a lot of people talk about them, to describe an atmosphere or a person. but many people don’t realize what they are saying — places DO have auras, colors of feelings, even feeling residue covered on walls like static energy, good or bad. when a psychic walks into a room they can see many colors swirling around — that’s the Auric energy of the environment — that is very important , you environment , the place where you live and stay for a very long time. Now how do you use this energy manipulate it (to some extent ill tell you why I say this later) for the better?

FIRST OF ALL — You need to have awareness of something to see it.  its the the law of attention.  like maybe you know you put your phone in your pocket this morning, but you probably weren’t feeling it until I brought it to your attention. Something that is there, but you don’t really see it util you become aware of it. How do you become aware of an AURA?  Easy.

YOU THINK ABOUT IT. When you approach a person think “I wonder what this person’s aura is like” and start imagining it !! over time, that will prod that intuitive part of your mind to detect auras. It’s pretty cool , it’s how I learned it !! even if I don’t see a person’s aura with my actual vision all the time, my minds eye, aka “imagination”– intuitively conjures an image of their aura.

Now that you got it all down — time for AURA COLOR MEANINGS!!!

what’s in an aura? how do you know what each coloy means? each color is unique to each person. one person may be a slightly different shade than another – that matters in an aura.  dark blue is different from light blue and so on.  there are many meanings for one color, for example pink — pink may mean you are in a relationship or you like some one ( LOL, that was the biggest question  for me when i did Aura readings in middle and high school xD ) or it also means you have great unconditional love  for everything pouring out of you as a base color ( on Earth at this time, it is very rare to have some one with this color as a major color covering a lot of the aura, this is that unconditional soft vunerable love — I have had this phase where I had great bursts of pink in my aura when for the latter reason, and i still do have a bit of that pink but not like that time)  but generally speaking, each color has a base meaning you can go by to prod you intuition of what the color may be representing.

The best website I found that goes with my gut feelings about what the aura means is this one:

I printed that out and used color pencils to highlight all the color names — it was my guide for most of 8th grade and freshman year , but by sophomore year I depended less on it cause I already developed enough intuition to do it alone and even came up with more specific meanings.

I can’t say that now though cause I took two years off cause of my illness O__O

if you really want to try to actually see them:

-go in a dimly lit room( I always turn off my bathroom lights then leave the door a  little cracked open

—  stare past your reflection in a mirror (like that ”I’m spaced out stare”)  Yet still pay attention to the area surrounding your body (paying attention around the head is best)

— wait about a minute or so, its hard but try not to blink so much… your eyes will get used to it eventually  and you’ll  be able to keep seeing it even after you blink eventually.

— You’ll start seeing something that looks like fog swirling around — that’s called the Prana aura,  one of the first transparent layers to your aura. Keep paying attention to it without directly looking.. and in about 2 minutes or so (at least for me) hazy colors will start to appear. They look and move at times very much like the northern lights ( although they can move slowly) Try not to get so excited, stay as relaxed as you can — you’ll probably feel like your in a sleepy state like if you’ve just  woken up — that’s ok — the brain is tuning into the alpha brainwave state state, also called the twilight zone state — its when you can see auras best, which is why I recommend practicing just after you’ve woken up, the next best is when you are going to bed, but I like it better in the morning because your eyes are rested 🙂

FOR PEOPLE WITH GLASSES  for  NEARSIGHTEDNESS/MIOPIA – it doesn’t matter if you see blurry. Actually that will help you stare blankly 😀  Glasses can be a bother when reading someone and its recommended to take them off. But if you get dizzy without them (cause I do ) don’t get discouraged, it’s possible to do it eventually I got used to it and was able to see auras even with them, though at times if there is too much glare I will take them off .. I also eventually stopped getting dizzy without my glasses, it’s all a matter of getting used to it 🙂 🙂


when You don’t have a mirror available to you,  you can try it like this:

~ Stare into space just after you’ve opened your eyes when you wake up and imagine yourself looking through your aura, And…

~ staring blankly at your hand paying attention to the surrounding area also helps 🙂

It might take a few tries until you get the hang of it , but trust me its worth it ! you’ll understand your feelings more and even detect illnesses (usually shown as blackish gray moldy looking blotches over parts of the body)  before they occur!

But that is all for the basics of aura reading!! have fun trying it !!  l could just stare at it and eat popcorn like watching the northern lights xD love looking at all the colors!!!!


         nothernlights 2


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