High Vibrational Hand Soap!?

So my mom bought this 100% naturally derived glycerin hand soap with no artificial ingredients, and although my mom has bought many other hand soaps but this one stood out from the rest. The second i washed my hands with it I suddenly felt my spirits lifted considerably, awkwardly enough for me to question the new soap. I questioned another aloe vera hand soap before  the same way, but that one didn’t lift my energy like this one did. I rinsed it and looked at my hands. my aura around that area glowed! and my skin was noticeably clear :O and I thought that darkness was a tan D:

Sodium Laurel sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, two ingredients known in shampoos that actually dry out hair that is sensitive  like mine, is not present in this soap.  Although it isn’t actually shampoo I swear i’m about to try it on my hair just for ships and giggles xD

looks like God is one step ahead of me! xD i never expected  help to come in HAND SOAP though xD

but It totally makes sense, especially for people that do reiki to have a soap like this xD in fact i was planning to incorporate hand healing for her session xD  that a natural hand soap can  reeally clear bad energy away! it must have been the vegetable glycerin… or the aloe vera… or both !!

I was just planning to start healing aura readings for my twin soul, and I was  wondering if I would be ready for such a reading cause I’m not done recovering from my own illnesses. but it does make sense for me to help heal Jessi… after all she is me xD and that kinda is my second body LOL

Oh yeah, and heres the Hand soap, anyone sensitive enough should feel the difference !! 😀


I just wanted to put this story up cause its a reminder that God’s help comes in so many unexpected ways ❤

“When it feels like you’re alone  When it feels like you’re lost Look up to the sky  And I will take you home”  - Zach Affolter

Love and Light !!! 😀


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