Quote of the day — Personality vs. Individuality


                   (c)Jean-Luc Bozzoli (not mine!)

This really shone a light for me!

“The ordinary, unconscious human being has no individuality; he has only a personality.
Personality is that which is given by others to you — by the parents, by the teachers, by the priest, by the society
— whatever they have said about you. And you have been desiring to be respectable, to be respected,
so you have been doing things which are appreciated, and the society goes on rewarding you, respecting you more and more.
This is their method of creating a personality. But personality is very thin, skin-deep. It is not your nature.
The child is born without a personality, but he is born with a potential individuality.
The potential individuality simply means his uniqueness from anybody else — he is different.

✿♪♫•*¨*•.✿ People are very much confused about personality and individuality.
They think personality is individuality. It is not — in fact it is the barrier.
You will never attain to individuality if you are not ready to drop your personality.
Here the group therapies, meditations, work, this communion…all is devised in such a way that it destroys your personality,
the plastic self, and throws you back to your real individuality. Individuality is born with you, it is your being.
Personality is a social phenomenon, it is given to you.
When you are sitting in a cave in the Himalayas you don`t have any personality, but you have individuality.
Personality can exist only in reference to others.
The more people know you, the more personality you have — hence the desire to have name and fame.
The more people respect you, the more you enjoy the personality; it becomes strengthened

Unless a person decides that `Whatever the cost, I want just to be myself.
Condemned, unaccepted, losing respectability — everything is okay but I cannot pretend anymore to be somebody else`…
This decision and this declaration — this declaration of freedom, freedom from the weight of the crowd
— gives birth to your natural being, to your individuality. Then you don`t need any mask.
Then you can be simply yourself, just as you are. And the moment you can be just as you are,
there is tremendous peace that passeth understanding.” –http://lightworkers.org/blog/215432/individuality-risingdolphinspiritcloud


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