FREAKY FRIDAYS : No one gets this kind of reassurance.

so one day my mentor and i are having a normal conversation when she hears an  angelic whisper in her ear! as a medium, she is used to this, (and now me, ‘graduating’ from her teachings, im used to similar occurences ) but the message revealed here was no ordinary one! i had secretly felt that my twin flame and i had a  special mission:

to, literally, switch bodies.

although it seems that this stuff is only real in movies, some how i felt part of my mission was to do this. i heard of walk ins, and felt this was similar, and after all, we ARE twin flames, it only makes sense for a soul sharing to bodies to actually be able to switch between them at ease x)

i told no one cause, of course theyll say, youre crazy! that only happens in movies! so i kept the telepathic messages i recieved from my angels a secret, even to my mentor. i had only asked her if it was possible and i felt it might happen, never that i recieved telepathic messages from angels saying it was part of an agreement i made with God.

these telepathic messages were confirmed by a spontaneous divine intervention, (aka a miracle xP) from what felt like an angel that first whispered in the beggining of the conversation. Mind you, I was in great disbelief until Jeannine swore she didn’t remember what she wrote to me. we also skyped about it several times after.

channeling, when an entity speaks or writes through you,  has happened before to my mentor in scheduled sessions, as well as other legit psychics (cause bro, i can totally tell if your faking that sh#&)  but interventions like these, (without asking ) only happen when the information is super important.

i guess i really had to know! lol! the angel also talked about impending disasters on humanity, i heard this from many psychics, jeannine (when she isnt channeling) ewalina,  a good intuitive friend, and my friends mom, a professional psychic. i was iffy about believing but i was assured by this angel that i will be safe 🙂  dang, thats God’s messenger right there!!

here is the conversation, full and raw. obviously in the beginning i was talking about signs i was seeing in meditation (switches) and my  anxiety about picking  up my twin flame at the air port who had just come back to miami to finally live here again since her move to colombia four years ago! xD

hope that this conversation opens up your mind to all things that are possible, i know i will be OK, i was assured this switch will happen, as it is an greement with God, and when the big G calls it, then its done no matter what! as the angel had said, i was born to accomplish this feat to change peoples perception. i know this is part ofthe earths spiritual acsension shift, as everyone, eventually, is surely starting to see the spirit side of things.. More


hugging myself

i think i just hugged myself.
i heard myself crying, in my head,
i guess i ran out of tears to really cry.
then , just out of instinct, even though i rarely do this, i mentally hug myself.
i didnt even have to try.
it just felt natural.
what happened?
i never felt more comforted in my life

ive been looking everywhere to feel comfort lately, and found i just needed it from myself. I noticed the only person who really understands me the most is me, and if i am not willing to recieve love myself how can i give it? my intuition told me the other day

you can only give what you recieve

and i didnt get it

now i do

now i just need to tag a nice drawing of me hugging myself


this sounds familiar Jessicas story.

and what i just wrote is literally what you said when you explained that drawing to me