hugging myself

i think i just hugged myself.
i heard myself crying, in my head,
i guess i ran out of tears to really cry.
then , just out of instinct, even though i rarely do this, i mentally hug myself.
i didnt even have to try.
it just felt natural.
what happened?
i never felt more comforted in my life

ive been looking everywhere to feel comfort lately, and found i just needed it from myself. I noticed the only person who really understands me the most is me, and if i am not willing to recieve love myself how can i give it? my intuition told me the other day

you can only give what you recieve

and i didnt get it

now i do

now i just need to tag a nice drawing of me hugging myself


this sounds familiar Jessicas story.

and what i just wrote is literally what you said when you explained that drawing to me



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