Your Twin Flame is Basically your Parallel reality in The same Dimension


“to understand twin flames one must think of it as entering a physical reality in two forms. you are not separate, just one person living in two bodies comparably, parallel worlds, so to speak. think, what would happen if i was born in this body, this family, and lived this kind of life ? at the same time, what if i was born in another body, another family, another life, in THE SAME  PHYSICAL REALITY?

“so essentially about you switching bodies.. (i can feel my guides humour here xD)..when you switch you are basically changing focus, or changing the channel on the TV, so to speak, which is why it happens in a blink of an eye. you can also switch unconsciously,  which makes for synchronious events between you and your twin, moving, thinking feeling synchroniously. its not the only way you can act synchroniously, but this subconscious channel change makes it happen as well.”

yet sloowly but surely  these subconsious switches happen, until you are ready to feel the first, quick, consious switch. a very brief, flick of a channel, more like remote viewing,. and gradually, they will become longer and stronger,.

this message from my intuition is talking about me and my twin’s mission to switch bodies, which by a series of (no , not unfortunate xp) events (dreams, and spontaneous channeling)

learn more about it here:

as well as a refresher of what parallel realities could be, this article inspired me to make this blogpost !

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