*~*~The Story of My Soul *~*~


Once a upon a time.. a very long time ago,

a soul was born.

its kinda lonely here with just one of me xp it said, so it duplicated itself.

i can multitask now! xp and  they did, and this was the time where the soul found its niche, a home in the sea. not just in this planet. but many, wherever there was water we roamed, in its waves we learned the most beautiful and toughest lessons,

unitil the time came for us , this water dwelling soul, to live in the human world.  we decieded to learn many lives in the human world to prepare for a mission in the future, to unite both land and sea, and we knew, in order to   fight lions you must train with them, in this case humans. xp

but then the great moment came when all the hardest lessons passed and it was time for the mission they prepared for, one of the little dolphins tasks was to forget all that she knew that was comfortable to her, the soothing sea and the calls of her pod. not only that, but she would adopt any trait possible to avoid remebering, til the time was right. and when the timing was right, her other self, the little dolphin that did remeber, would heal their past wounds and be the guide to the sea again, and together they would be the voice of their pod on land, as their pod rejoiced, and their destiny, written a long time past,  would have no choice but be fullfilled…

a  saying they would always live by,

together we are stronger.

to see this story come to life in an anime,




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