Angels Amoung Us

ok. so i go to bed yesterday with the presence of three angels surrounding me. yup, three of em. they meant no harm and they were warning to be patient with my first student i am mentoring.

dont worry, they said. be patient. are you expecting her to get it right off the bat? not even you did! you were afraid! remember when you couldnt tell who was good or bad? that is her position ! imagine how scary that can be for her. dont worry,  shell be fine with you by her side. when you are assertive and confident, she will feed off that and trust you in turn, remember now you are a team, you are not just you anymore, you must guide her hand in hand to her true self ,never going astray or running away. (heh running twin is done!) who better to guide yourself than you? now its your turn to guide her into the light.

Chamuel did a healing on me this morning to open my heart mind and sight, so that i can help myself xp

of course it gave me the giigles and reminded me not to take all this possibility stuff so seriously!!!

haha im the map

im the map

im the map

please tell me someone got that



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