I AM willing to remember.

A lot of doubt has come to my mind about what I am doing for the spiritual benefit of helping my of my twin flame remember her true soul self. but I heard this inspirational story that helped me figure it all out:

Lost Memory

I am own oxygen 24/7 and I remember that I had been without my oxygen for about 6 hours, as the day went on I had forgot to do a lot of things,,,I did not know how to bath myself, cook, clean my house, drive my car to the store, ect. I also would post encouraging/inspirational words & scriptures on Face Book, I could not do that anymore. My brother who was my pastor at the time told me to just sat down at the computer and pray, than I would know what to do. As I sat at the computer I said a prayer asking Jesus to restore my memory, I start posting the Lords Prayer just simple things and before you know my mind was totally restored. I give God ALL the praise and glory.


I remebered  that God can heal and restore anything to its proper balance. God knows how to heal anything, even a spiritual amnesia is no match for God. he gave me this purpose of teaching jessica and today i was confirmed that i am really fit for the job, i called her  to remind her to keep reading my teachings, and, of course, i had that feeling she wasn’t doing them. I always wondered if i could tell she wasn’t doing it , and it was funny how i called cause a  little voice told me to xp   i was like,

shes at her job, i  i wont find her, or maybe she works later today… idk…

but turns out she was at her job but still awnsered the phone. and she said wow, you called to chwck up on me,

i asked her how she was doing from that last awful day at work.


its karma,it just comes back instantly,


heh, believe me sometimes it doesnt, but it always will eventually.

she had to go and i said bye but with extra words  in my mouth… i couldnt get it out that i wanted to remind her of the mantras, but i definately had help from my angels to get the courage to bother her agaon and call her back.


remember to do the mantras, its very important,


oh yeah, i havent.


i ha well you need to do them theyre important. and ha i knew i can tell you werent doing them”


that sigh of relief cam and i knew it was that message the angels and guides wanted me to know.

i know im doing my part in helping jessica heal and i need to. she doesnt know any better and its like being in a concrete box and never knowing whats outside…God can heal anything and knowing this was part of our contract for one of us to forget, i also know it was part of our contract to remember, even if it looks like things will never happen.



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