The Spirit of Iruka Manga – An Exerpt

“it is true, you can say my brain is human… you’d ask for a scan, and youll say im fine, 100% human. yet ..  i feel its not any of it… the pull of the sea is so great that nothing from the human world can suffice my urge.


‘No, Im not good enough.’ i thought. ‘I can’t think like the rest, think that Im human, think like a human, so I’m not good enough, I’m not perfect.’  humans say they are better and somehow I started to think that.


‘I must try harder, harder to think like the rest, hide my feelings, hide them, so maybe they’ll go away, I’ll make myself good enough….’


and in that instant, I feel ashamed, Ashamed of the yearning, of the feeling, of ocean, of home…Not just that, but all the feelings emotions and thoughts that are more dolphin, not human, scare me and shatter me into a million bits of shame. it is this, this feeling , that has haunted me since i was a little girl. flushed in shame whenever a dolphin would appear anywhere, picture, book, movie. it was all like that,


until now.”


-Takara, Spirit of Iruka (Manga)



(pic isnt mine but still reminds me of my anime xp)


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