Why Can’t I turn into a Dolphin? – complications of being a dolphin soul in a Human Body

For a while now – Hec, for as long as I can remember — Iv’e always wanted to turn into a dolphin somehow. Although not physically (yet! see my previous post on morphing) I always wondered why I couldn’t get around to astral shapeshifting.

It takes some skill I’ll tell you that,  Which my angels said I’ll easily tap into … When I get over my fear and shame.  My own wound, the past life trauma from Taiji, Is keeping me from travelling astrally as a dolphin ( funny how THE VERY WOUND is keeping me from the very thing I can use to heal, I HATE THAT!!) plus the overall fear of being protected in the astral or not (which I’m working on)

Ehh, But The Taiji wound is bigger. I can muster up the courage for OBEs. I want it THAT BADLY.

Please tell me I’m not the only person that craves this more than anything!!

I feel ashamed of calling myself a dolphin soul in a human body

  1. How the hunters treated me as worthless.

2.Because I still haven’t gone over Middle school bullying..They really teased me good             back then calling me weird and even downright crazy, some people ended up avoiding            me after that.


because if that I’m in denial, and afraid too, as the subconscious can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. So imagining, even if its imagining turning into a dolphin around humans or in a human environment, is enough to set a  previously murdered dolphin into panic.

So…. I can’t blame myself… its not an easy job recovering from this Nasty Taiji wound. But luckily, I have my Guides and Angels with me around me now, to give me guidance and support.

I can’t say  in how long I’ll have this astral travel thing sorted out — I Just know that It will, because Hec, I damn deserve it.


Lol my tone of writing is different..

I’m just freaking frustrated.







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