A message for Angel and all captured and slaughtered dolphins

I remember how alone i felt at first finding out I was slaughtered in taiji…. I felt so much regret  …thinking it was all for nothing….. i died because of someones stupid mistake… but then i figured out it was actually for a greater wisdom,…. i know ill get over this like angel will, she is going though that darkness i went through and many go through after being in such a trauma… but when i saw the patterns i had in other lives and i saw it wasn’t just a meaningless happening but meaningful wisdom…. and i know now i learned my lesson enough i gained enough experiences that those things wont happen to me again in this life… im immune, immune to the poison that others give me, wheher is murder from judging who THEY THINK I AM or insults or shame or other things, i know that im now immune to all these happenings, God has my back now and i am so happy to finally, finally know and trust that, so i will live in trust and relief that i am safe , always safe….  now i understand what that quote meant by, your enemy is you greatest teacher…..  i hope one day Angel can know peace even admist a world of chaos… its hard but it will happen …. I love you Angel, remember you are still a beautiful ANGEL of the SEA  ❤  海の天使 ❤ Tenshi no Umi ❤


Angel the white dolphin ❤


One day we’ll all feel our inner freedom ❤


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