I hear people say “Animals are not human, they look nothing like us!”


Soo right Adsila, that is the essence of why we dont have rights, not because we are smart enough for humans, thats just the surface talk. but simply put..


We dont look like them.


Scientists now say that dolphins are intelligent enought for rights? That is a great step,  not gunna lie , yet still… That to me is sickening. not because we dont deserve rights — but because the reality is we base value on physical form, as i mentioned above. I was the same dolphin killed in Taiji — yet now that im in a human body, something like that happen to me now itd be murder, with a trial and everything. You dont consider that the animal has a soul like you… isnt that enough? THAT IS ENOUGH. What is intelligence? I believe intelligence is based on perception.  To me a Spider is a GENIUS, i am in awe how it makes its web. Yet to scientist it just may be instinct. But you cant arugue that humans build and use tools to survive as well. You can argue that only humans make art but a dolphin has once used a squirt of milk in water to represent a human smoking — using one thing to represent another … ART. She had no reason of survival to create that “smoke.”  Humans are so afraid to put human traits on animals and yet look at the embryos below. One of the smartest humans, Albert Einstien, said , “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, you’ll go YOUR WHOLE LIKE THINKING IT IS STUPID. ” SOME ONE CONSIDERED TO BE ONE OF THE SMARTEST HUMANS SAID THAT, that EVERYONE IS A GENIUS. what does that say to you humanity? Are you looking at things as how they really are? How do you know the true meaning of intelligence?  And is it really a marker of value? CONSCIOUSNESS IS A MARKER OF VALUE, And hate to break it to you, but EVERYTHING IS CONSIOUSNESS. Atoms interact with their surroundings know how to react, there has to be a type of consiousness awareness or SOMETHING, for a reaction to another medium to occur.




Those of you that Honor God as an omnipresence, yes , God is in you, God is in that rock, God is in those animals, all intelligent, expressing different kinds of intelligence, yet all geniuses in their own right.


So next time you look at an animal and see if they  rights, ask them us with your heart, because we speak more for ourselves than you know.


When humans learn to speak with animals heart to heart, then we will find peace.


Thank you adsila for photoediting this amazing picture!!FB_IMG_1454810186717


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