From having a Linda moment from having a moment with Linda – Dolphin Ambassador Tails

I finally got the chance to talk to Linda ! Dolphin Ambassador and Creator of, She really is the real deal and a pioneer for the dolphin and the human world! I really resonated with her and her mission because she is very much like me, bringing the messages of the dolphins into the world. I have been wanting to talk to her for quite some time because she inspired me so much and of course, and I felt so compelled to share with her my story. I’m not sure why I felt so compelled… it was a great fire that couldnt die, even if It took a while until I finaly felt like it was time to call her.

I finished watching some of her podcasts  one day and went out for a walk and felt like i should write her # down.  all of a sudden, a spirit dolphin stepped  (swam xD) in front of me. you should call Linda now. I now that I think about it I felt it could have been Archie. From what I learned from her, Archie is the dolphin version of Archangel Miachel (yeah, angels can change form you know xD)

I was a bit uneasy and ashamed to bother her at first and struggled to get to her number, battling my indecision. but my intuition was keeping a stronghold, I was greeted by the welcome recording in her voice. I pressed to ask specifically about the services she had, yet i somehow felt like hanging up. i thought it was increased shyness but it was more cause i intuitively felt it was the wrong extension to transfer to. I called again and pressed the number that would lead me to speak directly to her.  Phew, fought my fear up to this rate, it usually simmers down at this point. The song “Don’t worry Be Happy ” to wait to until she picked up the phone. Right then and there my fear dissipated in a flash, weeeaaaay faster than i thought! I didn’t regret at all that I called! Even if she doesn’t answer, i thought, i do that a lot always consoling  somehow, settling for less  or hoping for less first, always preparing for failure of something, anything that I do….working on that xD ) that song gives back memories to me of the days in 10th grade when I really put my first efforts to be more positive and happy. I found a video with animated circles that sang along to the song.  (will attach here) I remember my friend Eddy and how Happy I was sharing this YouTube video with him on the way home, That rainy day going on the bus…

Linda awnsered halfway through the song  (although I was hoping to listen to the whole thing! ) but the Happiness immediately shifted to the fact that she answered, and I felt even more relieved when she said she had a minute to talk to me. At first she said she had only some time, but we ended up talking for 1:11:01 (look at all those ones!) A swell had developed in the sea she was going to and, well, as she said, “Mother nature had her own plans!”

I told her my story of awakening and about my animated movie that came from it, and only then I realized how much I’ve been through. Wow you’ve been through a lot in such a short time! “hehe yeah!” I chuckled. It really has been only 5 years since my accelerated awakening, but you can also count the times in 6th grade when I first found the article on dolphin children …well… every moment is important so my whole life has been 20 years so far xD though I think I mentioned I was 19 xD not used to it haha

“when I was 19 I was finishing high school!” Linda added. Right then and there is when I realized and said hehe, wow I have been through a lot in quite a short time!!… well… not such a short time because I’ve been preparing for this lifetime with all my other human and dolphin lifetimes for thousands of years, so really, it HAS been a while.

“But After all this time its so great that you get to reap your rewards now in this lifetime!”

She was right, I have my twin flame, It’s my last lifetime, and this great life contract laid out, “it really feels like a kind of “Senior Year to me!” I commented to Linda. “Ironically i missed most of mine in high school, but I definitely got to go to prom and graduation, so hey, It’s a WIN WIN!” I don’t consider that as worthy as I should, although that is still OK cause it was part of my wound to feel unworthy, but now that I am conscious that I feel this way still, I can work on reminding myself that it’s OK to speak out about my story and bask in my accomplishment so far because man I DID SO MUCH!!

That makes room for more rewarding feelings!!! As rewards keep on coming  it’s important for us to feel worthy to receive the full feeling of accomplishment we deserve along with the tangible (money , gifts) or intangible (ie. friends, spiritual experiences, ect) rewards!

I have been through a lot and I feel the whole lesson of this conversation was like, GO AHEAD, BASK IN YOUR REWARDS, TELL YOUR STORY, IT’S WORTHY, YOUR WORTHY, YOUR EFFORTS ARE WORTHY!!!!! Everything is OK!

So Thank you Linda for listening to me so well as I spoke about my story!! Thanks for supporting me and all the dolphin spirits out there that are helping the world !! I really, REALLY SO THANKFULLL!!!!!

The Dont worry Be happy Video I was Talking about!

old painting of mine (digital, pen on paper mixed media):




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