Happy Valentines World Love for Dolphins Day!

omg i thought today was the 13th lol! I also didnt know world loce for dolphins day fell on valentines day… at least i didnt remeber haha

but its ironic because today i am noticing i am feeling more of my true value as a cetacean, and after all ive been through, its a pretty good feeling!!

as long as you believe what that other person tells you or shows whats true about you, it will become your reality. and thats what happened to me with all the pastlives being mistreated by humans, including taiji.

words that echoed in my mind were translations of actons infpicted upon me. the attitude of the hunters towards me.
“youre worthless. you’re a pest. you deserve to be killed off.”

the trick that got that poison running through my veins…. that i realized when i heard this from the show Once Upon a time …

“The second that you believe it…
you become it.”

and i believed it.

I felt like a pest. everything i did. stupid. ugly. worthless pest. you shouldnt even exist. why do i exist. dying isnt enough, i needed to wipe myexistence because i felt that unworthy, and especially annoying. anything i did and said was a complete shame and i silently, constantly shoot the poison of shame in myself. only now am i beginning to understand and starting to grow consious of it.

i learned that its me myself, that deserves to be loved. after all i been through, i know its tough an that i am not beinga wimp by falling at times because it really is etremely painful and difficult beyond words to describe what i am going through as a dolphin spirit in a human body, especially a dolphin spirit poisoned by the actions inflicted on her. so today on valentines day, and ironically world love for dolphins day, i am reserving for myself, my true self, that dolphun spirit in me that lay broken, in shame and neglected for so long. I am finally starting to treat myself by my true value, and not the value that others have put on me.

this this year i should be myown valentine, and fittingly, its world love for dolphins day, so ima go live that dolphin in me right now.

Happy Valentines Day , and World Love for Dolphins Day 🙂


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