With half my face and half my foot out of the dolphin closet

so my subconsious gave me a literal measurement about where I am in my self embrace ment journey.  as I type now i get support from my chattering dolphin guides, and pretty much my higher self feeling:

‘you are about to embark on a magical journey that will send you spiraling towards your greatest dreams and beyond your wildest imagination.’

with all that i have heard so far, this rings so true.

with all that ive had andff pretty much all i have been through, i totally deserve it.

its so worth my while to be here right now…. to be here and now is the most important thing for me right now, (sometimes its okay to wander off , i felt i had to mention that)  because the journey I’m about to embark on is gunna be pretty big. like, really big. like that omg wtf is going on kinda big.  well wow… i kinda just noticed im not trusting my knowledge here.  edit: for those of you that already follow my blog, its been so amazing already, yet its taking a new turn:

finally recieving the gifts i have been working on,  for lifetimes.

yeah, it kinda  sounds scary in a sense because im not done healing yet, and all this stuff seems to be happening already, but it seems like this last healing phase will be like a growth spurt, and ill come flying out of the ground or rather, out of the surf to finally frolic in true deep healed joy again….

…yeah, before the above edit i was looking at it in a more scary way than a more excited way. which is ok, cause we all get scared of the unknown at times!

edit (3.26.13): yesterday, march the 25, i finally meditated and i finally got to that receptive state, all my doubt and all my worry in my mind faded thought yesterday and today, and the new feeling of accomplishment where its like, okay so it is time, i did feel the remebrance of the feeling that this really was the time i had planned this to happen before i was born, funny thought ,yes, but normal for me! everything is setting up right now in complete flow…. and i am feeling it. i know this flow, and already had too many instances when this flow proved itself to be right, and things worked out. (end edit)

all i been through before gave me enough wisdom to go through this now… so im not really afraid of it, it’s just the anicipation of it, its almost like knowing the waters a bit chilly and you dont want to jump in but once you do it youre all excited from the cold and not scared at all!!

so im kinda just waiting here , i seem to be integrating my light and dark experiences and balancing them their importance in my mind, opening up my spiritual eye as i embrace to prepare to recieve all that i have been working for…. its here, its finally here, i feel, and it’s already happening.  i feel that the roof is going to rip off  or just have everything go off at the same time like a finale at a fireworks show. and that alone leaves me super scared because usually i cant handle a lot of things at …well, you can count my PTSD as one of them but it was a REAL LOAD to handle so i couldnt handle much else, at lease school work… well getting slaughtered was a lot well okay i guess i can handle a lot .  me to my guides: GEEZ GUYS youre really getting me to realize a lot of things today!! first with Linda’s dolphin love book exerpt (for another blog, haha) and this!!……but you get the picture!!! an exciting exhilarating new phase in my awakening is starting…my guides say, ‘it suits you very well, for all the youve been through… it suits you enough that you would go through this now, its for your own good anyway, so don’t worry, you can handle it!!!!”.

Okay, I can do this!!  ill see it as yayy!! a  new, exciting journey’s gunna start even though i still have tears to cry but still i can do this!!! all in the journey!!!


Holy Shift! It’s Happening!

So lately I’ve been feeling lots of energy coming down on the Earth , all around the sky, I se the darting particles scattering and vibrating all over the place! and although I can intuitively see more or less whats going on with my intuition, I’m not the only one feeling it. several of my friends have been feeling somethings up, emotional experiences and just over all feeling of what IS this?

to me , the past three days each day a little different, but feeling like its so quiet,

a bomb is about to drop.

I went out side and everything felt so quiet. I mean, there was noise, cars, people walking. But it was so quiet, suspense was hanging in the air, like a an unseen fog that will, I feel, ironically clear up so many things for the Earth.

A Super Moon Solar eclipse Happened on March 9, and a Lunar Eclipse is to happen later in the month, will pave the way for April, (and the rest of time after) to be very different.

Not keen on astrology, but as i know these are energetically strong occurrences, a back to back event like this can only shake off and purify A lot of crap. xD

Honestly, I think that’s GREAT NEWS ! 😀reverb_strip

“This plot shows the response of a magnetometer in England to a strong geomagnetic storm on March 6th and 7th. The east-west vector of Earth’s magnetic field was swinging back and forth, “reverberating” as a stream of solar wind passed by our planet.”


Solar eclipse



Dolphin Children: Born Attuned

“Then, almost physically audiable, Linda’s voice came into my mind: ‘just say yes!’ 


So I was listening to Linda shay’s Mount Shasta moments radio show and she focused on a detailed description on how the dolphin healing sessions and Attunements go. I had been wondering for a while now if I should ever plan on getting them, Although I don’t have the money now, some thing told me the second I considered doing it whenever I could, that I simply didn’t need it.

I felt the same thing after talking to her about the dolphin attunements on the phone myself.


Why? I wondered. The answer fell on me just as suddenly, all in an instant : “Because you’re a dolphin child that’s why!!”

well I was thinking maybe I could maybe get something more–

“You’re a dolphin spirit in a human body! What more do you want!?” a mix of my guides and my own inner intuition here.

 Dolphin children (some, i stand corrected by my intuition xD)  don’t need to be attuned because, well, because we already come from being attuned to dolphin energy… Makes sense, I repeated to myself as I walked.

 It would be pointless to light a candle that’s already on fire!

Exceptions would be those who have fallen asleep and forgot their connection , on purpose, to be symbols of hope , that no matter what , there can always be awakening no matter how dead asleep you are! , there are cases, as I know some 🙂


I also had a dream about making a blog, kinda like this one, about what the dolphins told me that How to do dolphin healing, attunements, and more:

The first paragraph saying “its all about being open to intention.” they said . the other person on the other side has to be willing to recieve the healing in order for it to be recieved,StarseedChild-JeanLuc so dont offer dolphin healings, let people know you do them and let them ask you for one, that when you know they are really willing and open to it 🙂

As for the Attunements, you dont need them. you are a dolphin spirit and you were already part of the dolphin consciousness before you even came to this earth. this experiment we are talking about merging dolphins with humanity — you are an example of that, but the other way around 🙂 as humans learn more about dolphins, dolphins are learning more about humans 😀

You are already a dolphin healer! …I remember them mentioning somehting about doing dolphin therapy? about the Morphing dolphins (see my post about morphing)  bringing new ways of dolphin human interactions? 😀

upon waking I questioned everything …about doing dolphin healings like linda did,  going down that road. what does this mean? would i be able to do that? How?  

Then, almost physically audiable, Linda’s voice came into my mind: “just say yes!”

What..was that…? I most ceartainly did not see that coming. I had telepathic communications like this before, where a freind wanted to tell me something and although they didn’t sit in silence and send me that message consiously, it just comes to me like they were actually talking to me. I call it, Subconsious telepathy.

I totally felt it was that. I imagined me telling linda that I wouldnt need the dolphin healings,  and if I could somehow help out with her school…? But I felt embarassed thinking it was like I was “”too good” for the attunements.

Then again: “Yes, Ill understand,”she said  in that happy almost-breaking-into-laughter tone she talks in.

Wtf!? Okay, definately subconsious telepathy.

I usually have this with people I have a strong connection with 😀

With that being said though, I still think dolphins in human form still need some kind of comfort and support going towards their awakening journey, like maybe a guidance counsel or such, to help them forgive them selves of wounds ( cause Hec, I can’t be the only one out there) and embrace their inner Dolphin! So maybe like more meditations to help then forgive any and “embarrasing” habits they have (they aren’t embarrasing, only if we think they are xD)

That is what I am hoping to do with this website, but im not resistant on sharing the idea with Linda Shay and David Rosenthal, my fellow dolphin embassadors!


For more of my art visit dolphinchild.deviantart.com

Shape-shifting Our Future – February 2016

I walked around today Admiring the Birds and the trees and everything with new eyes. My heart is opening and my illusion is falling.. I always believed there could be some possibility of shapeshifting– ever since I was little I was like “How can you live in a reality where you have a fixed general form for so long!?!? none the less one not as interesting?” ( I personally thought being human was pretty boring.

So I have been working on accepting the possibility  physical shapeshifting more often — and its more widespread physical manifestation on earth in the coming decades . As my angels have told me Shapeshifting is a Typical part of the Fith dimenion, before I knew for sure that all this talk about new age was that we were shifting into 5D — so many people say that– But what does that really mean?

Of course the angels like seeping me little by little with information about the future that I need to know, (sometimes I like the element of surprise) but there are times where My spirit Guides just bomb me with a piece of reality shattering information we need to know.

Shapeshifting (physical) has become one of them. In the coming years , although I specified that with the dolphins in this post, I feel that this is going to apply to more than just the dolphins. There are millions of humans have it in their shapeshift, and with raising consiousness, it will eventually be possible.

In fact these things are already possible…. 5D doesn’t mean well just pop out of existence and appear somewhere else. The dimensions exist overlapping each other interacting with each other, not separate. 5th Dimension is a state of awareness, as well as vibration at which our atoms vibrate and interact. A state of consciousness that allows us to connect easier to Spirit and open capabilities latent.

Physical Shapeshifting alone is a HUGE plus for animal welfare, (although it isn’t limited to animals by any means) If by then there aren’t established laws about respecting  animals and giving them rights as humans. I feel there will be no immediate way to tell if an animal is really a shape shifted human or not… you wont know if that Buck you landed on your last hunting trip was your Neighbor.

Somehow I think that will end the perception of Superiority of the Human race, and be reminder that we’re all interconnected 🙂

Get ready for 5D ;D






The Purpose of Evil

Some kind of friction – or force – has to be present which urges evolution onward. Humanity evolves because of our innate urgings to improve our condition.”

This amazing article By Paula Peterson explains the dark/light scenario that I was explainging in my Taiji articles 😀

Until we’ve gathered enough experiences of suffering we will one day not need any more — for we understood the relationship between light and dark.


No one wants to suffer, of course – and most folks don’t want to be the cause of suffering in others either.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of folk who DO deliberately cause suffering for others and don’t mind that they do. Its almost as if its their job to do so.

And who knows … if it takes pain and suffering to get some of us to wake up, then maybe evil – otherwise known as suffering in a wide variety of forms – is here for a very good reason.

There might be a cosmic classified “Help Wanted” ad posted somewhere in the Universe:



Help Wanted:

Applications now being accepted for:

Obnoxious, Corrupt, Unethical, Vicious, Nasty, Creepy Villains.
MISSION: expedite human evolution on planet Earth.
A wide variety of positions available – from pond scum to nation leader.
Must have ability to maintain an incorrigible disposition; sustain shocking deception and illusion; invoke fear and apathy in others; promote competition and greed;
provoke conspiracy and confusion.
The ability to multi-task in all these areas is considered a plus.

Must be especially willing to annoy, harass, pester, tempt and deceive decent humans who are striving to be honest, kind, enlightened, peaceful and loving folk.
This is a full time but temporary residential position until
purification and liberation of humankind is achieved.
Please submit resume with application.


According to ancient Hindu legend (and legends and myths tend to rise out of factual situations) trying to resist the causes of suffering and spiritual darkness – sometimes referred to as evil – is ultimately pointless.

Why? Because discomfort causes change, growth and movement. And for the most part, the more we suffer physically or spiritually, the more we are assured that growth is evident – even transformational.



In getting back to ancient Hindu legend, there are names for these forces that cause suffering: they are called Asuras and are the equivalent of demons. In ancient times, they were actually considered demi-gods and were just as powerful as the “good gods”.

In instigating trouble, the Asuras never give up. In fact, they can’t give up because they are built into the structure of nature, where certain events and situations are inevitable. The universe depends just as much on darkness as it does on light – just as it depends on death as much as it does on life. There are cycles … that is all … and one cannot exist without the other.

Since God created creation … then everything in it must be of God, too (or whatever that Higher Power is to you). Therefore, good and evil are two sides of the same force. God created both because both are needed.

Some kind of friction – or force – has to be present which urges evolution onward. Humanity evolves because of our innate urgings to improve our condition. As an example: you’re cold … so you get up and move to a warmer climate or you collect wood and build a fire. If you don’t want to move or you don’t like taking the time to gather wood and build a fire before you can get warm, then eventually you’re urged or “inspired” to invent a more convenient form of warming things up … like a stove or an electric heater.

You’re hungry so you grab your bow and arrow and start hunting. Or you pick berries, pull up roots and harvest leaves. If hunting or picking berries is too time consuming or its slim-pickins in your neck of the woods for game, berries or leaves – then again you’re urged or “inspired” to invent a more convenient form of raising and collecting food and storing it for future use. You “hunt” at the local grocery store and you stock up the fridge.

You don’t like your job so you go out and apply for another one: hopefully one you’ll like better where you can excel and you’ll be appreciated for your skill. Or you quit working for someone else and build your own business to enhance self-satisfaction.

You’re unhappy with yourself or how your life is going so you start looking at all the ways in which you can make positive change in yourself. On and on and on ….

None of the changes or inventions would have happened if it wasn’t for some form of discontent or discomfort in our lives that provoked us to grow and make changes.

Evolution continues because there is a persistent poking and prodding that won’t let humans become too complacent or lazy. Sooner or later, something will happen that will urge us to move beyond our current comfort zone – or we become stagnate. Such poking and prodding tends to occur more often when growth and change has slowed to a crawl.

Remember this one? “God comforts the disturbed … and disturbs the comfortable”.

As a general rule, the more comfortable we are, the less growth we experience. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. But until we learn to grow, change and evolve through increasing our love and enjoyment, we’ll still need that ‘ol fire built under our bums to get us going. And that’s where the Asuras come in.

Just like many of you … I dislike using the word “evil” since it tends to conjure up uncomfortable and spooky images and stories as well as some archaic belief systems. Some of you reading this were raised on church sermons or Bible interpretations where “sin” is punishable in a place called “hell” where the demons harass us forever and from whom we can never escape. Some interpretations state that demons already exist among the human population.

So when we truly grasp the purpose of the Asuras, we can be liberated from the prison of their influence and effect.

The power the Asuras have had over us for eons is a power that has only been real because we gave great amounts of attention to the suffering in our lives.

If the Asuras are meant to be here because its their job to irritate us into becoming better humans, then why spend half a life time lamenting past mistakes or past losses when they were meant to happen?

Now .. .this doesn’t mean that we should not mourn our losses. Nor does it mean that we should not regret some of our actions. On the contrary, these emotions and realizations seem to be a significant process that is important to being human.


The Asuras are given power only through our interpretations and beliefs. If we can, instead, see the Asuras as simply being another part of life, then doing so can diminish the force of their annoyance. They will persist, of course … but it becomes increasingly difficult for them to influence us and bring us down when we transcend our own darkness by changing the meanings we give to the events in our lives. By doing so we end up moving through loss and disappointment with greater grace and ease. We learn to rise above and leave behind our sadness, resentments, regrets and grudges because we learn to let these experiences teach us important truths about ourselves so we can grow … and we cease to wallow for months or years in remorse, regret or self-pity.

[I think, we eventually grow and evolve without so much pain and suffering, after we had enough.  we eventually , at some point in our spiritual journey …]

stop feeding the Asuras. And we do that by putting less attention on our suffering and more attention on our successes; less attention on whats wrong with us and more attention on whats right with us. So it is with our perceptions of others and the world at large: less attention on whats wrong more attention on whats right.

Doing so doesn’t mean denying that there is suffering: for suffering cannot be ignored by anyone with a heart. And its not about denying and overlooking our faults. However, most of us still focus the greater portion of our attention on our faults and the faults of the world.

Whatever receives our attention – an idea, a belief, a perception, a viewpoint – that’s where the energy goes. And that’s how our reality becomes reinforced.

The ideal situation seems to be that eventually we put the Asuras out of a job! Or at best … they may be sent to some other distant galaxy where its inhabitants are in need of a little fire under their bums to provoke a more expeditious evolution. Or if they continue to stick around planet Earth because they are intrinsically built into the fabric of nature then perhaps – as humanity becomes more enlightened and free – the influence of the Asuras will be restricted to pond scum.

Namaste’ ~ Paula Peterson


Twin Flame Concept Explained

Okay i think this sums it up quite nicely, helping me word this for my anime for sure:

“The number one thing I’ve come to understand about the Twin Flame connection is that it is an energetic connection above all else {basically Screw the romantic stuff society made} – the Twin Flames are two components of the same energy, our signature vibrational frequency or “soul song” is the exactly the same. And when we consider that science now testifies to the fact that the world really is energy in motion, suddenly the Twin Flame phenomenon makes a lot of practical sense (even the chair you’re probably sitting on right now is a grid of molecules vibrating in a certain relationship to each other and at a certain frequency – nothing is “solid”!)”

On the energetic plane, you and your Twin Flame are of an identical frequency – the only two beings in the entire universe who are identical in that way. When you come together, any energy that is “cluttering up” your frequency is stirred up so that you can clear it out and be ready to come together in love with your Twin at that exact soul frequency only you two share.
– Cassady Cayne

dude, finally. and omg Deja vu posting this much? Zach Affolter​ Adsila Algoma

basically the storyline idea for my anime, apart from the taiji storyline! well not apart, its complimented and i honestly love how they go together quite nicely xD