Twin Flame Concept Explained

Okay i think this sums it up quite nicely, helping me word this for my anime for sure:

“The number one thing I’ve come to understand about the Twin Flame connection is that it is an energetic connection above all else {basically Screw the romantic stuff society made} – the Twin Flames are two components of the same energy, our signature vibrational frequency or “soul song” is the exactly the same. And when we consider that science now testifies to the fact that the world really is energy in motion, suddenly the Twin Flame phenomenon makes a lot of practical sense (even the chair you’re probably sitting on right now is a grid of molecules vibrating in a certain relationship to each other and at a certain frequency – nothing is “solid”!)”

On the energetic plane, you and your Twin Flame are of an identical frequency – the only two beings in the entire universe who are identical in that way. When you come together, any energy that is “cluttering up” your frequency is stirred up so that you can clear it out and be ready to come together in love with your Twin at that exact soul frequency only you two share.
– Cassady Cayne

dude, finally. and omg Deja vu posting this much? Zach Affolter​ Adsila Algoma

basically the storyline idea for my anime, apart from the taiji storyline! well not apart, its complimented and i honestly love how they go together quite nicely xD


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