Shape-shifting Our Future – February 2016

I walked around today Admiring the Birds and the trees and everything with new eyes. My heart is opening and my illusion is falling.. I always believed there could be some possibility of shapeshifting– ever since I was little I was like “How can you live in a reality where you have a fixed general form for so long!?!? none the less one not as interesting?” ( I personally thought being human was pretty boring.

So I have been working on accepting the possibility  physical shapeshifting more often — and its more widespread physical manifestation on earth in the coming decades . As my angels have told me Shapeshifting is a Typical part of the Fith dimenion, before I knew for sure that all this talk about new age was that we were shifting into 5D — so many people say that– But what does that really mean?

Of course the angels like seeping me little by little with information about the future that I need to know, (sometimes I like the element of surprise) but there are times where My spirit Guides just bomb me with a piece of reality shattering information we need to know.

Shapeshifting (physical) has become one of them. In the coming years , although I specified that with the dolphins in this post, I feel that this is going to apply to more than just the dolphins. There are millions of humans have it in their shapeshift, and with raising consiousness, it will eventually be possible.

In fact these things are already possible…. 5D doesn’t mean well just pop out of existence and appear somewhere else. The dimensions exist overlapping each other interacting with each other, not separate. 5th Dimension is a state of awareness, as well as vibration at which our atoms vibrate and interact. A state of consciousness that allows us to connect easier to Spirit and open capabilities latent.

Physical Shapeshifting alone is a HUGE plus for animal welfare, (although it isn’t limited to animals by any means) If by then there aren’t established laws about respecting  animals and giving them rights as humans. I feel there will be no immediate way to tell if an animal is really a shape shifted human or not… you wont know if that Buck you landed on your last hunting trip was your Neighbor.

Somehow I think that will end the perception of Superiority of the Human race, and be reminder that we’re all interconnected 🙂

Get ready for 5D ;D







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