Dolphin Children: Born Attuned

“Then, almost physically audiable, Linda’s voice came into my mind: ‘just say yes!’ 


So I was listening to Linda shay’s Mount Shasta moments radio show and she focused on a detailed description on how the dolphin healing sessions and Attunements go. I had been wondering for a while now if I should ever plan on getting them, Although I don’t have the money now, some thing told me the second I considered doing it whenever I could, that I simply didn’t need it.

I felt the same thing after talking to her about the dolphin attunements on the phone myself.


Why? I wondered. The answer fell on me just as suddenly, all in an instant : “Because you’re a dolphin child that’s why!!”

well I was thinking maybe I could maybe get something more–

“You’re a dolphin spirit in a human body! What more do you want!?” a mix of my guides and my own inner intuition here.

 Dolphin children (some, i stand corrected by my intuition xD)  don’t need to be attuned because, well, because we already come from being attuned to dolphin energy… Makes sense, I repeated to myself as I walked.

 It would be pointless to light a candle that’s already on fire!

Exceptions would be those who have fallen asleep and forgot their connection , on purpose, to be symbols of hope , that no matter what , there can always be awakening no matter how dead asleep you are! , there are cases, as I know some 🙂


I also had a dream about making a blog, kinda like this one, about what the dolphins told me that How to do dolphin healing, attunements, and more:

The first paragraph saying “its all about being open to intention.” they said . the other person on the other side has to be willing to recieve the healing in order for it to be recieved,StarseedChild-JeanLuc so dont offer dolphin healings, let people know you do them and let them ask you for one, that when you know they are really willing and open to it 🙂

As for the Attunements, you dont need them. you are a dolphin spirit and you were already part of the dolphin consciousness before you even came to this earth. this experiment we are talking about merging dolphins with humanity — you are an example of that, but the other way around 🙂 as humans learn more about dolphins, dolphins are learning more about humans 😀

You are already a dolphin healer! …I remember them mentioning somehting about doing dolphin therapy? about the Morphing dolphins (see my post about morphing)  bringing new ways of dolphin human interactions? 😀

upon waking I questioned everything …about doing dolphin healings like linda did,  going down that road. what does this mean? would i be able to do that? How?  

Then, almost physically audiable, Linda’s voice came into my mind: “just say yes!”

What..was that…? I most ceartainly did not see that coming. I had telepathic communications like this before, where a freind wanted to tell me something and although they didn’t sit in silence and send me that message consiously, it just comes to me like they were actually talking to me. I call it, Subconsious telepathy.

I totally felt it was that. I imagined me telling linda that I wouldnt need the dolphin healings,  and if I could somehow help out with her school…? But I felt embarassed thinking it was like I was “”too good” for the attunements.

Then again: “Yes, Ill understand,”she said  in that happy almost-breaking-into-laughter tone she talks in.

Wtf!? Okay, definately subconsious telepathy.

I usually have this with people I have a strong connection with 😀

With that being said though, I still think dolphins in human form still need some kind of comfort and support going towards their awakening journey, like maybe a guidance counsel or such, to help them forgive them selves of wounds ( cause Hec, I can’t be the only one out there) and embrace their inner Dolphin! So maybe like more meditations to help then forgive any and “embarrasing” habits they have (they aren’t embarrasing, only if we think they are xD)

That is what I am hoping to do with this website, but im not resistant on sharing the idea with Linda Shay and David Rosenthal, my fellow dolphin embassadors!


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  1. Angel Voice Healing
    Mar 14, 2016 @ 20:47:58

    Nat, I love your site! You’ve come a long way baby!


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