Holy Shift! It’s Happening!

So lately I’ve been feeling lots of energy coming down on the Earth , all around the sky, I se the darting particles scattering and vibrating all over the place! and although I can intuitively see more or less whats going on with my intuition, I’m not the only one feeling it. several of my friends have been feeling somethings up, emotional experiences and just over all feeling of what IS this?

to me , the past three days each day a little different, but feeling like its so quiet,

a bomb is about to drop.

I went out side and everything felt so quiet. I mean, there was noise, cars, people walking. But it was so quiet, suspense was hanging in the air, like a an unseen fog that will, I feel, ironically clear up so many things for the Earth.

A Super Moon Solar eclipse Happened on March 9, and a Lunar Eclipse is to happen later in the month, will pave the way for April, (and the rest of time after) to be very different.

Not keen on astrology, but as i know these are energetically strong occurrences, a back to back event like this can only shake off and purify A lot of crap. xD

Honestly, I think that’s GREAT NEWS ! 😀reverb_strip

“This plot shows the response of a magnetometer in England to a strong geomagnetic storm on March 6th and 7th. The east-west vector of Earth’s magnetic field was swinging back and forth, “reverberating” as a stream of solar wind passed by our planet.”


Solar eclipse




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