Quote of the day ~ a message for me

Somehow…. the words just rearranged to read what is true for me….a channel from the dolphins  from ‘Dolphin angels ~ dolphins as divine messengers ‘: ..

”Come….remember yourself in deep meditation…..Share yourself with humans as you look upon the world in a way that [they]  have never seen before… Share with them all that you learn, all that you and we jointly hope to be — for life is everlasting, and every moment is what we make of it. Together we can change this earthly life into something grand, something splendid, something that will resonate with balance and energy now and throughout all of the ages to come.”



The Day has Finally Come….Yyyaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

OMG ITS FINALLY FINISHED!!!! well, the plot elements anyway, but omg!!! IM FINISHED with writing down all the plot elements for my anime!!!!

I’m creating an anime on the japan dolphin slaughter, based on my past life experience being a dolphin slaughtered in the cove of Taiji and my journey in remembering…

The cove i was slaughtered in, ironically,  has become famous with the movie The Cove and Ric O’ Barry and other activists and organizations efforts, which, I thank God for it everyday cause it helped in confirmation–  I guess it was meant to be, because now I have all the plot elements and NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP ME!!!! >:D

I still have to arrange it in sequence and then actually draw it out, i have a few sketches to remind me of camera positions of course, but its still ways away of becoming a full fledged movie or anime..OR BOTH.. i want to do both a movie and anime version… BUT THIS IS AN IMPORTANT BIG STEP!!!!

I cant wait to share what I have with you (but not too much!! saving it for the movie!!) and hopefully this  movie will touch your heart as much as it did mine while making it!


Sprinkles of joy!

Sprinkles of joy!


On a car ride to best buy on an impulse to purchase a  drawing tablet, Jessi reminded me that our old middle school friend Elizabeth used to say that phrase  ‘Sprinkles of joy!’ ironically, the El dorado furniture truck was in front of us . their mascot — a butterfly. Sprinkles of joy!! i called out pointing .the butterfly was  spreading sparkles (well, then — sprinkles of joy)  over el dorado furniture building as she flew!

We both looked at each other and bubbles of laughter filled the air — i do say bubbles, because, my twin really does have a bubbly laughter which, ironically, always reminded me of a dolphin blowing bubbles while laughing!  We share this laugh, and as we spread our own joy in sync, my face warmed up more than usual. my tummy fired up — that gist, that spark, of the twin soul connection. In that glowing sunset, in heavy Miami traffic, with my mirror self in the car laughing in sync about sprinkles of joy  coming from the back of a furniture truck — all that made the situation feel all the more magical,

and, if one story could sum up how we act together and react to things, it would be this one.

My face  warms  up really quickly when we share a synchronistic moment. in fact, i only noticed how ironic this is now as i write this,as a lot has happened lately with synchronicities– even though this was in  middle-late March, i just  really notice how much has been happening! now that i  reflect on it and add it all up, its… wow! and a lot more is happening ! these two moths have been crazy and will get crazier with more synchronocities!! yay!!!!

More sprinkles of joy!!!!!

Seeing Red (a week ago about)

Ask yourself ‘What am I communicating?’ Is it of benefit to myself or others? Communication happens on all levels. You do not have to verbalise it. People may be sensing your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps it is time to resolve them.


Well, that totem quote reveals everything that has been happening inside me for a while.

Got soo mad yesterday that i saw my aura get red, literally. i was seeing through it …never been so angry ..


just like my twin is in there somewhere, im in there somewhere too.

so reading cassady caynes twin flame stories really made me think about how i view myself right now.

i always say about my twin, ”oh, shes in there somewhere” her inner subconcsious self that knows more than even i know. sometimes i start falling for it a bit, but i have always snapped back to see it.

lately i got caught up in my own, drama, its ok, but its not what seems to be healthy at the moment.

beyond all that wound and hurt ive been dealing with, im in there somewhere, all this is just bringing me forward helping me realize whats already inside of me.

like i said in my poem,


”I’m still that ocean Soul,

Jumping high and swiiming long

breathing in the in the tides as I walk,

singing my dolphin song.”


i realized i feel more grateful now, pulling my attention in current, surrounding blessings:

beautiful flowers, the blue, uncut sky…….

the simplest things are the most beautiful.

and then….all of a sudden, i see my twin flames beauty as a uniqe soul, which amazingly is my own , again.

like looking in a mirror, which i was a second ago after a shower, trying too hard to push the feeling of loving myself, (which is okay, im trying to get it here lol ) i noticed i can feel my own divinity and beauty in my own presence as much as in the presence of my best friend.


and it’s the same, despite all our egoistic differences (not necessarily bad, ex. life experience and knowledge) the energy feels the same.

i love it!

When you notice how freaking spiritually activating singing and speaking properly is

so i just remembered how spiritually activating healthy singing, and even healthy speaking is! once you truly notice how the sound goes through you the most flowing way without tension, it can open you up in ways you don’t even imagine!

being a dolphin in a human body i should already know this, but reminding myself of it is just amazing, and reminds me of how important sound is for a boost in spiritually activating you and how amazingly the effects can blossom in all aspects of you life!!

still not getting it? watch this video ! singer or not , it helps everyone who speaks!!