Sprinkles of joy!

Sprinkles of joy!


On a car ride to best buy on an impulse to purchase a  drawing tablet, Jessi reminded me that our old middle school friend Elizabeth used to say that phrase  ‘Sprinkles of joy!’ ironically, the El dorado furniture truck was in front of us . their mascot — a butterfly. Sprinkles of joy!! i called out pointing .the butterfly was  spreading sparkles (well, then — sprinkles of joy)  over el dorado furniture building as she flew!

We both looked at each other and bubbles of laughter filled the air — i do say bubbles, because, my twin really does have a bubbly laughter which, ironically, always reminded me of a dolphin blowing bubbles while laughing!  We share this laugh, and as we spread our own joy in sync, my face warmed up more than usual. my tummy fired up — that gist, that spark, of the twin soul connection. In that glowing sunset, in heavy Miami traffic, with my mirror self in the car laughing in sync about sprinkles of joy  coming from the back of a furniture truck — all that made the situation feel all the more magical,

and, if one story could sum up how we act together and react to things, it would be this one.

My face  warms  up really quickly when we share a synchronistic moment. in fact, i only noticed how ironic this is now as i write this,as a lot has happened lately with synchronicities– even though this was in  middle-late March, i just  really notice how much has been happening! now that i  reflect on it and add it all up, its… wow! and a lot more is happening ! these two moths have been crazy and will get crazier with more synchronocities!! yay!!!!

More sprinkles of joy!!!!!


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