The Day has Finally Come….Yyyaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

OMG ITS FINALLY FINISHED!!!! well, the plot elements anyway, but omg!!! IM FINISHED with writing down all the plot elements for my anime!!!!

I’m creating an anime on the japan dolphin slaughter, based on my past life experience being a dolphin slaughtered in the cove of Taiji and my journey in remembering…

The cove i was slaughtered in, ironically,  has become famous with the movie The Cove and Ric O’ Barry and other activists and organizations efforts, which, I thank God for it everyday cause it helped in confirmation–  I guess it was meant to be, because now I have all the plot elements and NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP ME!!!! >:D

I still have to arrange it in sequence and then actually draw it out, i have a few sketches to remind me of camera positions of course, but its still ways away of becoming a full fledged movie or anime..OR BOTH.. i want to do both a movie and anime version… BUT THIS IS AN IMPORTANT BIG STEP!!!!

I cant wait to share what I have with you (but not too much!! saving it for the movie!!) and hopefully this  movie will touch your heart as much as it did mine while making it!



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