another study only to reveal obvious fact : we dolphins grieve

Ugh… yeah. Facepalm. I cant help it. Its interesting and all… but obvious… well to me… and thats why im frustrated. Itll pass, but ima feel it any way. I know ppl dont get it like i do …uggh wtf not athropromorphize animals wtf arent humans animals ugggghhh stop with that humans are in a special box thing alreadyyyyyy uggghhhhhhh

Okay i feel done… xD

You have absolutely no idea…. just how much this hurts us….. with our sensory capacity, this is significantly more traumatizing than the holocaust, at least for me…. Just the tip of the iceberg man…. all indidviduals in a spieces grieve differently too, just like humans grieve differently… humans like to categorize speicies into neat boxes, but were just as diverse as one human is to another..


So like, can you guys stop already and just like be good neighbors and all? I mean i cant blame u, its been less than 100 years for memebers of your own spieces to get rights… okay, and still an ongoing acceptance for lgbtq people…. but still!!

Haha, i guess im still steaming out. šŸ™‚


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