Auswitz Begins When “They’re Just Animals”

Auswitz begins when one looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: “theyre just animals.”
Yesterday I took the time to finally look up the accuracy of the memories i have in my past life experience in the holocaust. I dont talk about it much, because, its not my focus, and remarkably, not my deepest wound…. An addition to the great wound i have is a better description. in the same way i uncovered the truth about what happened to me in taiji , slaughtered by the fisherman, I uncovered uncanny details about these dreams and memories too, comfirming them to be valid.

And if you cant handle this topic, well…. this is a disclaimer.

The camp I was in was called Auswitz-Burkanau, also known as Auswitz II, and it has come to be known as the worst of the three camps of Auswitz, as it was also an extermination camp.
I remember the clank clanking of the tracks as we got ever closer to the destination. Anxiety and unceartainty building with each clank, just as anxiety built for me as the sun went down while still trapped in taiji’s cove with my pod. Coming from Denmark, it was a long trip for me. The eeire stop of the train , and its entrance…. i still remember. Just as “prettiest” dolphins are selected for entertainment in Taiji, i too was selected for being beautiful, for entertainment… Gassed in the chambers was actually a relief after all I went through, I remember kneeling, practally pure skin and bone, and thanked God for finally ending my suffering.

This is no joke. I have experienced the worst of both dolphin and human sensory experience. And to say that the holocaust is an equivalant to the pain we dolphins feel in taiji is an unerstatement.

Our brains have a greater sensory capacity, and as well as intensified emotional capacity. i felt deeply, 3x more deeply, about taiji than what i dealt in the holocaust.

This isnt to say my holocaust experience isnt valid , it was sad, and one of the darkest experiences i have ever had. What I went the cruelty and abuse i went through as a female in that scenario, was unspeakable.

But Dolphin slaughter…. taiji…. literally got me to tremor and tremble, twitch and cry in real, physical pain in my current body so much more, so much deeper…than even the holocaust. The agony, pain, regret….unbearable, unspeakable. it was like all that high capacity dolphin emotion was funneling its way out through my human brain and body.

A study suggests cetaceans grieve like humans…..

You have no idea.

No study in the world could express my raw experience.

Two and a half years, and counting, to heal taiji’s wound.

whenever the Holocaust comes up in conversation, an eeire silence occurs. it seems as if its unquestionable that it was pure, needless horror. Yet, with Taiji’s dolphin hunts, faroes, ect. its at most times, at least when dealing with athorites, referred to as an objective issue and debate.

What im trying to state is…. that the reaction that people have toward the holocaust — a mournful, collective respective approach– is just as valid for The victims of Taiji. I know people dont see this right away because they may think these are dolphins and not their “fellow humans”, “actual people.”

with experience of both occurances under my belt i feel the need to put this in perspective for humanity. I feel it was why i had these back to back human and dolphin lives filled with these horrors. Essentially, history is repeating itself right before our eyes.

Above left: the entrance to Auswitz-Burkanau.

Above right: the entrance to killing cove of  Taiji, Japan.

Please share this story and or donate to a manga/anime movie I am creating based on my true life story for Taiji !!



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