Otherkin and Therianism Hate Mail!?

Welp… not sure how I got to this…oh yeah, I  ended up searching the term trans speices and was surprised to find out it was an actual word or term, that was used in vocabulary ! I’m not sure if i should be surprised at the fact that i didn’t think this would be a thing, its just, i never heard of it being used in the media before…apparantly this has a lot of refrence to tumblr where i have seen it so… perhaps because i’m not on tumblr any more…

But I digress.

Okay.  first things first. This is not a hate mail to those who may be thinking im going to that area. because actually , according to the definition of otherkin, and therianism, basically is the feeling that youre another species in another spieces’ Body (usually spirtually)

you dont need to ask me twice. if you’ve been on my blog long enough, then …Heh, well you know.

Except I dont feel ill be using this word mostly because I dont want to attract the mainstream to me ( i dont feel i need it really, lol , i dont like the sound of the word otherkin idk,, id rather just stick to “dolphin spirit or dolphin in a human body “, whatever. it what ive been using all this time, anyway. although it seems that this is more of a mainstream term, not many people i know, know the term exists.

the articles alot of them were from 2013..but i was in school back then..idk! Ive only heard of furries from my friend, i assumed that just meant ppl who were fans of  half furry animals, half humans , which apparantly is part of it, i hear of fursona, my friend having one, and to me, that was pretty normal.

but just like anything, it can be taken to a point where if does self harm, but to any one reading this, people can think  self harm can incluse feeling depressed because your think you are that animal because it  only alienates you from society,( which i came think was my case)

yet i came to realize it wasn’t feeling alienated because I was feeling like a dolphin soul in a human body. to me it was something i felt just was. i didnt think it made me unique . i just felt it. thats it. I only began to feel alienated when people began to show me that they thought i was weird. starting in elementary. “why do you like dolphins so much”  what ..? is there something wrong with me? i began to think. and then i began to feel shame for it.  it was something that made me feel less, not special. what i was feeling could be felt by any one in an infinite combinations of beliefs and scenerios, other animal spirit or not.

i missed home, yes, but i needed to miss it, missing it made me feel how much it meant to me, which i would have never found out if i wasn’t in that situation. also as i accept my nostalgia, it fades , and a feeling of always being connected to home from within ensues me. and that was really all i needed to survive, to cope, so to speak, acceptance of my feelings, whatever they are.

I usually try to avoid places with so much hate, because surounding yourself with these people may gat you to think that way about yourself, but maybe, that isn’t always the case. maybe this is an opportunity for me to exercise my “hate immunity” and of course respect for other peoples beliefs, as well.

i know not everyone believes in reincarnation. But that doesn’t mean it isnt true. but then again, that person has a right to believe what they want, just as i do. i can pitch in my POV to help them see my own, maybe they’ll consider reincarnation, or something. maybe not . its okay. just a healthy pitching in of ideas, …” can you consider? ” “Ok alright , Thats fine, nice debating with you 🙂 ”

My motto is, what ever exists, exists.  Proven by science or not, whether you believe it not. it doesn’t need your permission to exist, it simply does. I think most of us agree that there are a lot of things  the scientific method has a difficult time explaining, reincarnation and psychic abilities being one of them. it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. there are many experiences from sane people that have had experiences of reincarnation and psychic abilities that seem pretty legit, just not aquired by the exact same way science usually trys to prove something, i guess.

My motto is, what ever exists, exists, proven by science or not, whether you believe it not. it dosn’t need anyone’s belief to exist, it simply does.

but again, right to free speech, so we just have to build our hate immunnity. its all from within anyway.

there are many people claiming that the other kin community is just a bunch of kids trying to seek attention and have some kind of mental illness. but of course really, all those assumptions are biased, and it reminds me all too much of 8th grade when i ended up telling my dolphin feels to people and i kept getting those feelings surrounding me as well.

okay, lets say even if some one IS crazy, IT DOESNT MEAN THEY ARE NOT A PERSON! it seems some people use the term crazy like its an insult and i ended up feeling as such because people seem to think if someone is crazy whatever they say and do is complete nonsense and shouldnt even be considered. not everyone thinks this, some people may be honestly concerened, but what i feel at least most of the comments ive come across, fall under the line of “B&(&^, youre crazy!”

whatever the case, whether you think theyre crazy or not,everyone has the right to believe what they want, this is a free country right? and hating over anyone with a specific belief of themselves  is no different than hating on someones religion or culture. and even if they are crazy, do you really think you comment is going to change them? heal them? if theyre really crazy wouldn’t they just not listen to you?  wouldn’t you just be wasting your time? if you arent a doctor, you cant really do anything about it and need to adress the issue with more research on that specific case…in a healthy constructive matter. otherwise. its just hate mail.

I feel every situation of otherkin is unique, some  ppl say are over the top ( again thats subjective cause crazy for you may be normal to someone else)  i feel most that i have come across personally are based of spiritual belief in reincarnation, and are well aware of their human physical form , and talk brilliantly. therefore, not crazy!

despite knowing all this , inside of me my inner critic has been saying  “why do i feel this way? am I crazy? ” even if i intuitively know I am not.

i think this it just all a lesson for us to be more tolerant of each other, and ourselves. I don’t want to judge myself anymore, or others…… but well, what do I know?






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