Ric O Barry: Hero to Dolphins – Another Birthday Drawing


I was so compelled to draw a special picture for Ric O Barry for his Birthday Today!!!  Happy Birthday Ric! Thank you so much for doing what you have done for  us dolphins! Your our hero ! I haven’t felt like drawing in a long time but I felt so compelled to do this,  all my love and gratitude for what you’ve done for us dolphins is just so much that i had just too much to express, and it had to be through drawing ❤


For those of you who dont know my story yet , yes, I do refer myself as a dolphin because this is who i feel i am inside, spiritually. and im an activist because of a past life regression i had being slaughtered in taiji, before i knew a lot about the cause. I only watched the cove after my past life regression, and needless to say I was so blown away by how accurate it was  that i couln’t HELP but FEEL like I was called to  this. RE-born for this. and even if i resisted, it would lead to here anyway.


Even through my Post Traumatic Stress induced by slaughter; and the seemingly insurmountable grief, sorrow and guilt (3x worse than any human experience i had, i dont know how i know but, these emotions seem to be like 3x more intense than human emotion ) also from the loss of my life and pod ….. i always try my best…. to balance rest and activism… and i do what i know how to do, draw to raise awareness.


Being so engrossed in my Anime prjoect for taiji, I can barely call this drawing a diversion from it because its so related! I learned alot trying to turn a real picture into  manga, so it was a rewarding experience for me!


Again Happy Birthday Ric!!! Hope you really enjoy it ! hero of dolphins!  its even a BLUE COVE DAY! No dolphins killed or capture today in Taiji!



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