Love letter to the ocean

Love letter to the ocean


I love you.

You have always cared for me. Have given me food, shelter, for me friends and family… and when times were tough, when i was miles away from you,  you  were still within me.  I still had access to your tides  that let open to me so that i may fall in. My only escape, my only love, my only hope.


you are why i live, why i survive. I only can live within you. I cannot exist without you and you without me. We are a unit, unable to be separate, your essence seems to flow through me when i speak ; i feel your presence in me when i breathe. My love, my one ocean. This ocean, is me.


My ocean, my ocean of memories, of the sea, my safe haven, unique to myself, my experience, of the strong daring insurmountable sea


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