Did I always know I was a Dolphin?

I was very philosophical as a child and car rides consisted on asking questions about life. I loved mystery and the feeling of such , i asked things life what if there are other dimensions, life on other planets, what heavean is like, ect.


Memories validated by adults around me, i remeber quite early in my toddler years and i had more of a sense of self i previously thought was possible. Recieving  a vision about the concept of reincarnation at that age while staring a a baby months younger than me, yet i felt they was the baby and me the much older one lolll, it was more like a visual scenerio with emotional realization, picture of a dying person, a male? Or a female with short hair? Falling on the floor. I realised, dying. then a smoky substance, i felt to be soul, going into this female baby body. It was a knowing without words, which sent me to panic when i pondered at what i saw. I said, in form of emotion,  if thats true then, where was i before i was born? Why cant i remeber!!!!? I went in silent panic to my mom.  My mom remebers that day and although i said nothing to her because i was too shocked to speak (weird because i was a real gabby mouth)


the shock of just remebering nothing before being born shocked me, but i kept silent and seemingly, i looked composed, as soo as i was about to ask my mom where i came from which i wasn teven sure how to word, because i didnt mean my body which i felt shed say , i didnt know the word for soul and could not word my feelings, also, the energy and panic was so great i froze thinking of trying to word it. I felt she wont have the awnser….but if she cant tell me , who will?  a presence i felt over me , what i felt was a strong pure univerally present essence said, youre going to have ro figure out for yourself.

But why? Why cant i know now!!??

Youll find out eventually….  

Remeber these werent words, just feeling,  the feeling of findingout eventually….


Well, i guess if ill find out eventually, i guess…. i calmed a bit, i knew it take time for some reason, i just accepted it because there was nothing else i could do. I put it behind me because i i focused too much on it id panic again. Almost like people who are are afraid to die, when they think of death.

Considering all that introsepction, Seeing that I undestood the concept that i came out of my mothers belly and the concept of death that seemed to come all at once in that vision, i swore i must have been at least four years old, had similar thoughts then too, confirmed, but my mom confirmed this case was other wise.

1 and a half years old?

The place i had the vision, my moms friends house, was never visted again, (lost contact) so mixing up was out of the question.


I thought i was maybe remembering accurately but my mom was surprised of the detail i remebered house, thisngs we did while and inbetween my supposed revelations.

accompanying that, i had awareness when somehow along my later todler years i was exposed to a dolphin like figure (a marlin logo, which can be confused to be a dolphin to a kid)

my desire to have a hat with that logo was too intense, though i dont remeber the part of asking so much, i remember always wearing and looking at it admiring the logo intensely.


At four i saw my first dolphin, and i had that omg thats me feeling grew in me, but i couldnt describe it. I was aware and i said it in different ways, without dolphins i wouldnt be myself.


The experience was always in the back of my mind, but didnt think much because the panic would make me uncomfortable.


I was reintroduced to rebirth at 7 by a convesation in the car with my mom mentioning it and it shocked me but then i thought omg what if i was a dolphin yessss, i secretly smiled and kept it to myself haha


Then I googled when flipper died LOL just in case. To see if i got deja vu. At seven i jad reall increased dejavu and i felt maybe it would happen.


It didnt feel a match, but i assumed i may have been a non famous wild dolphin. I felt INTENSE attractions waters of key west though. I woke up every morning hoping for a trip to miami beach at sunrise, or maybe a trip to the keys. I closed my eyes and saw me jumping as a dolphin in a sunset, but  i felt it was symbolic rather than a memory.


I had a lot going on back then, and it was not my time to fully be sure i was right. It happens even to this day, its like having a feeling you are aware of, but is beyond words.


I bet you im just a weird child, and i felt others around me were not much this way. I had a friend similar to me, she was in my  advanced class with me, and we both had conversations about things like the meaning of life, psychic phenomena , different dimensions, and the afterlife, the school system, war and why it still happens, ect.


We were perhaps the only ones freking out when we saw 9/11 happen. I literally was like guys theres people dying on tv why isnt anyone reacting?


Being that aware could be a backlash though, considering i witnessing violence and having an individual moral standing and concern?


im not sure if i ever told them i expected i was a dolphin in a past life. I feel not , i felt that bit of mystery was so precious to me, well, i simply didnt feel the urge to mention it. Every time i thought about it, i was a dolphin before, look im in a human body now, it made me panic a little and feel trapped. So, at least for me, the Feeling of being a dolphin, and the implications of transitioning into a human body was always there, yet focusing on it only magnified it. Which is when, when i was ready, i began to look deeper. I feel realizing too deeply earlier would have triggered my taiji dolphin slaughter memories at a time i was already dealing with violence.


But having a couple of friends that were similarly geeky in elementary was my real support system.


Of course, we were the weird ones.


Point is, i think there are exceptions depending on what child based on inividuality, awareness, concern and sense of self. I am seeing kids these days so much more aware and concerned about world issues,  and themselves, more than adults themselves. I feel we should not underestimate the potential of childrens memories.  i know if my future kid says something in the future, ill sure will be paying attention haha, considering as a child i always struggled with being taken seriously, i felt disrespected and as if nothing i said would be important, people thought i was playing an unaware game instead of truly giving a piece of my mind, pehaps why i never bothered to express my spiritual beliefs and theories with any adults.



Heh, that last part im venting, ugh, no one ever took me seriously. Sigh


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