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Hello hoomans and non hoomans !! I’ve been drawing dolphins since I could hold a pencil. I use a variety of media including acrylic, colored pencil, charcoal and digital. In 2014 just after my 18th birthday,  I received a dream of her past-life as a Pacific white-sided dolphin slaughtered in the infamous Cove of Taiji, Japan. I I searched to turn her traumatic experiences into light and hope for the dolphins in Taiji and the rest of the dolphins around the world.

I have always felt I was a dolphin spirit in a human body. Having remembered many past life memories and experiences, I wish to help humans learn more about us by painting what I have seen.  I wish  for my art to be window into the way we cetaceans see the world and hopefully it can help humanity realize that dolphins are souls that feel grief, anger, happiness, forgiveness, love, and hope. 

This blog is my own special journey, I hope that you benefit from all the things I discovered!

Be sure to check out my other website for my SPIRIT OF IRUKA PROJECT: An ANIME-MANGA!!!!!

As well as my website with resources for Dolphin children like me (Don’t know what dolphin children are? Go to the website!!!!)


Dolphin Hugs!!!



Glow of hope – Acrylic on canvas

dolphintaijiWe are not robots – charcoal on  paper

taijigirlart  Tensei – reincarnation in japanese – mixed media on acrylic canvas paper

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