With half my face and half my foot out of the dolphin closet

so my subconsious gave me a literal measurement about where I am in my self embrace ment journey.  as I type now i get support from my chattering dolphin guides, and pretty much my higher self feeling:

‘you are about to embark on a magical journey that will send you spiraling towards your greatest dreams and beyond your wildest imagination.’

with all that i have heard so far, this rings so true.

with all that ive had andff pretty much all i have been through, i totally deserve it.

its so worth my while to be here right now…. to be here and now is the most important thing for me right now, (sometimes its okay to wander off , i felt i had to mention that)  because the journey I’m about to embark on is gunna be pretty big. like, really big. like that omg wtf is going on kinda big.  well wow… i kinda just noticed im not trusting my knowledge here.  edit: for those of you that already follow my blog, its been so amazing already, yet its taking a new turn:

finally recieving the gifts i have been working on,  for lifetimes.

yeah, it kinda  sounds scary in a sense because im not done healing yet, and all this stuff seems to be happening already, but it seems like this last healing phase will be like a growth spurt, and ill come flying out of the ground or rather, out of the surf to finally frolic in true deep healed joy again….

…yeah, before the above edit i was looking at it in a more scary way than a more excited way. which is ok, cause we all get scared of the unknown at times!

edit (3.26.13): yesterday, march the 25, i finally meditated and i finally got to that receptive state, all my doubt and all my worry in my mind faded thought yesterday and today, and the new feeling of accomplishment where its like, okay so it is time, i did feel the remebrance of the feeling that this really was the time i had planned this to happen before i was born, funny thought ,yes, but normal for me! everything is setting up right now in complete flow…. and i am feeling it. i know this flow, and already had too many instances when this flow proved itself to be right, and things worked out. (end edit)

all i been through before gave me enough wisdom to go through this now… so im not really afraid of it, it’s just the anicipation of it, its almost like knowing the waters a bit chilly and you dont want to jump in but once you do it youre all excited from the cold and not scared at all!!

so im kinda just waiting here , i seem to be integrating my light and dark experiences and balancing them their importance in my mind, opening up my spiritual eye as i embrace to prepare to recieve all that i have been working for…. its here, its finally here, i feel, and it’s already happening.  i feel that the roof is going to rip off  or just have everything go off at the same time like a finale at a fireworks show. and that alone leaves me super scared because usually i cant handle a lot of things at …well, you can count my PTSD as one of them but it was a REAL LOAD to handle so i couldnt handle much else, at lease school work… well getting slaughtered was a lot well okay i guess i can handle a lot .  me to my guides: GEEZ GUYS youre really getting me to realize a lot of things today!! first with Linda’s dolphin love book exerpt (for another blog, haha) and this!!……but you get the picture!!! an exciting exhilarating new phase in my awakening is starting…my guides say, ‘it suits you very well, for all the youve been through… it suits you enough that you would go through this now, its for your own good anyway, so don’t worry, you can handle it!!!!”.

Okay, I can do this!!  ill see it as yayy!! a  new, exciting journey’s gunna start even though i still have tears to cry but still i can do this!!! all in the journey!!!