just like my twin is in there somewhere, im in there somewhere too.

so reading cassady caynes twin flame stories really made me think about how i view myself right now.

i always say about my twin, ”oh, shes in there somewhere” her inner subconcsious self that knows more than even i know. sometimes i start falling for it a bit, but i have always snapped back to see it.

lately i got caught up in my own, drama, its ok, but its not what seems to be healthy at the moment.

beyond all that wound and hurt ive been dealing with, im in there somewhere, all this is just bringing me forward helping me realize whats already inside of me.

like i said in my poem,


”I’m still that ocean Soul,

Jumping high and swiiming long

breathing in the in the tides as I walk,

singing my dolphin song.”


i realized i feel more grateful now, pulling my attention in current, surrounding blessings:

beautiful flowers, the blue, uncut sky…….

the simplest things are the most beautiful.

and then….all of a sudden, i see my twin flames beauty as a uniqe soul, which amazingly is my own , again.

like looking in a mirror, which i was a second ago after a shower, trying too hard to push the feeling of loving myself, (which is okay, im trying to get it here lol ) i noticed i can feel my own divinity and beauty in my own presence as much as in the presence of my best friend.


and it’s the same, despite all our egoistic differences (not necessarily bad, ex. life experience and knowledge) the energy feels the same.

i love it!