Yeee I do readings! I use Doreen Virtue ‘s Fairy Tarot Cards and empathic aura reading abilities 🙂 Read Meh Bio Beeloww!!

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So as you know, I’m Nathaly Lauren (aka Natica Nutella, Dolphin, or just plain Naty, Nat, or Nae (yeah, only one person calls me that last one) ) I had my spiritual awakening spiral a little earlier than most of my fellow middle schoolers. I met My Twin that blessed first day  of 6th grade, and After a more intense twin flame awakening at age 15, a severe illness at age 16, and many blog posts later, I’ve  come a long way through my crap.


Art by me!!!

Yeah, I basically JUST STARTED adulting, but people find my intuitive ability is strong. It’s gotten me through pretty rough seas!!!

As a dolphin spirit I can easily connect to the sea and use its healing energy– I am keen on sensing vibrations in ones voice as I’m super sensitive to sound 😀

All my funds go to THE SPIRIT OF IRUKA PROJECT, an anime film about 2 school girls determined to change the fate of captured and slaughtered dolphins in Japan — characters based on my and my twin’s true story of a past life as Pacific White – Sided Dolphins, Slaughtered in the renowned cove of Taiji. Your donation will not only work for your reading but help all cetaceans (dolphins and whales) to gain the respect they deserve.

me and my pod in spirit thank you so much in advance!!!!!

and Now…you have reached the end of my bio! so SO long and thanks for all the fish!


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